BestGigLargeBattle Tapes and Daft Punk: Josh Boardman of L.A. electro-rock project Battle Tapes told us about his Daft Punk experience.

Josh Boardman: It was 2007. I found myself standing in line outside the Los Angeles Sports Arena – my heart pounding with anticipation because my girlfriend had surprised me with tickets to see Daft Punk. They were such a major influence on me creatively, and I was a big fan, to say the least (and still very much am).

As we made our way inside the arena, the atmosphere was electric, pulsating with the collective energy of thousands of fans eagerly waiting for the show to begin. Finally, the lights dimmed, the five tones from Close Encounters of the Third Kind played, and the duo appeared atop the now iconic pyramid. The venue erupted.

While they performed, I couldn’t help but marvel at Daft Punk’s ability to reimagine and rework their songs for a live setting. The fluidity of their music showed me that touring and performing could be standalone artistic statements, not just a knee-jerk promotional reaction to a recent release. It completely changed my outlook on what a live performance could be.

Despite the impressive visual and production elements, Daft Punk demonstrated that it’s possible to be grandiose without being ostentatious, creating a mesmerizing, indulgent, and immersive atmosphere that was also earnest and authentic. By the time the show ended, I felt I had been through a transformative experience. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo had somehow managed to transcend the medium of a mere live performance by allowing their music to take center stage to forge an even deeper connection with the audience that united us in celebration of the power and beauty of music. It’s a moment that will be forever imprinted on me.

Battle Tapes and Daft Punk: Battle Tapes’ album Textures is out now.













































































































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