Who would've thought that lone dudes playing with laptops in their bedrooms would've become the Valley's next great export after pornography? Okay, that may actually seem like symbiosis, but trust us, it's not. Some electronic music does get down and dirty, but not the lush, considered tunes of Baths, a.k.a. Chatsworth's Will Wiesenfeld (a childhood neighbor of Flying Lotus). His auspicious 2010 debut Cerulean bursts with bright musicality and welcoming creativity, and his live show is positively transcendent. Calgary band Braids specializes in a similar brand of effusive yet calming tunes, though featuring playful, folksy female vocals a la Joanna Newsom. Make sure to arrive in time for the fuzzy and raucous Gobble Gobble, also Canucks, who mash up electronics and acoustics into a techno-damaged rubber ball of rock.

Sat., March 5, 2011

LA Weekly