From grungey Southern comfort to saucy high glamour, my world has been one of extremes the past weeks. Just got back from Texas' South By Southwest Music Festival and as you can see below, fashion wasn't exactly on top of the local's list of priorities.

Still, me and my LA gal pals had a fun time chatting at Austin's Beauty Bar about how we packed our ensembles (it was hot and it rained so it was a toughie!). Alot of girls were wearing Luella Barkley's Target line, which seems to be the hip chick's must-have line at the moment. One pal actually bought a bunch of stuff and is saving it so it can go up in value and she can resell.

My uniform consisted of Chuck Taylors, floral thermal tops and Rock and Republic jeans (acquired during LA's last Fashion Week) plus a couple of skirts with leggings (I've rediscovered the joy of leggings!) with Smashing Grandpa t-shirts. One day I even busted out a Pucci slip. See me below in the SXSW LA Weekly booth.Band fashion trends included the following: Afros, beards (on dudes), faux old t-shirts (still), metallics (still), big sunglasses (yes, still), 70s dresses (yay), jeans (of course), preppie polos, and 80s shit….

Attended the Agent Provacateur show the day I got back (a real endurance test) and sat next to Anthony Kiedis and Jennifer Rosero, partners with party king Brent Bolthouse. As Caroline recounts in her post earlier it was a flashbulb cirus which was annoying (Anthony called one persistent photog a “devil”) but also helpful for me…I was able to sneak amongst them and get this choice shot of Joan Rivers, I mean Courtney Love, pretty effortlessly.

Honorary Style Council member Ginger Goldmine worked at Provocateur for a couple years and so, I'm lucky enough to own quite a few their fancy skivvies– including stuff from the line they did with my all time favorite rock band The Rolling Stones, which features the famous tongue logo embroidered on one butt cheek (I only wear those on very special occasions!)

In general, I prefer AP's retro-styled designs over the fetish stuff (guess I've been to too many Bondage Balls). See my full review of the show and my SXSW coverage in this week's paper! XO

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