Baby Tate is a Dancing Queen: The artist formerly known as Yung Baby Tate has released a two song bundle of “Yasss Queen” and “Dancing Queen.” The latter is the pick of the two queens.

According to the press release, “The genre-shifting artist’s latest offerings find her doing what she does best: dropping bars, affirming her fans, and being the life of the party. ‘Dancing Queen’ comes with a colorful music video that evolves into a fierce dance battle.”

They describe “Dancing Queen” as, “a song with a bass that shakes the room—and you, too, as she playfully snarls, ‘Shake that shit, lil’ b****.’ On the irresistible banger, Baby Tate trades her R&B vocals for witty punchlines and experimental flows. The Mac Grant-directed video matches her step for step as Baby Tate and her crew of wasteland warriors dance off against rivals while the fate of a hostage hangs in the balance. Grit gives way to incredible moves.”

It’s a badass tune, with a video to match. We see Baby Tate engaging in some sort of a street battle with a dude wearing a headband. It’s like a hip-hop thunderdome.

“Baby Tate has been fusing pop, rap, and R&B since the release of her 2015 debut project, ROYGBIV,” they say. “In 2019, following the success of her breakthrough full-length, GIRLS, Baby Tate secured a spot on Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III and Ashnikko’s energetic ‘Stupid.’ Most recently, ‘Dungarees’ was featured on the soundtrack for Halle Berry’s Netflix film Bruised, and she featured on JID’s ‘Surround Sound’ with 21 Savage. Earlier this month, she released ‘Sl*t Him Out Again’ featuring Kali, an updated version to February’s banger ‘Sl*t Him Out.’

“Yasss Queen/Dancing Queen” is out now.


LA Weekly