Updated at the bottom of the next page: The alleged mother of said love child number two vehemently denies it.

The London Daily Mail reported in 2003 that Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly had an out-of-wedlock child. It even ID'd the kid and said he was from Brea.

But the reporter who broke that story, Wendy Leigh, says today's revelation involves a second love child.

Here's what she tells Gawker:

I'm hearing that this is a different child. Which means there are two.

She says the child Schwarzenegger admitted to having with a member of his domestic staff is not the same kid she wrote about in 2003. And today's revelation doesn't appear to include the same mom, either.

Gawker goes back and forth in weighing whether the there is indeed a second child and/or second baby mom, and concludes it's possible.

The original, alleged love child, however, denied it to Gaker, saying it was just a false tabloid story from 2003 and nothing more.

(That original baby mom was claimed to be Tammy Baker Tousignant, a blond whose photos don't seem to match up with suggestive pics recently posted by X17 of Arnold cavorting with a brunette in 2001, possibly the year today's love child was born).

In any case, a dual-love-child situation wouldn't doesn't surprise us. If there's one, there might as well be two. And Arnold, well, he's no shy boy when it comes to putting his hands and other things where they clearly don't belong.

What we want to know is, with possibly two out-of-wedlock kids older than 10, was he really serious about running for president?

Update: This week the other alleged baby mama, Tammy Tousignant, denied to CBS2's Michele Gile that her son is not Schwarzenegger's. (He doesn't look like Arnold, either).

Her lawyer said DNA proves this. The woman worked as Schwarzenegger's private-jet flight attendant.

The allegations are “just an outright wrong. It's cruel and I don't deserve it. And my son doesn't deserve it,” she told Gile.

First posted at 2:30 p.m. on May 17.


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