Another Sexy Peek at L.A.’s Bodacious Burlesque Babes

(Courtesy Tease if You Please) (Jesse Koester)(Matt Odom)(Star Foreman)(Ari de Alba)(Frank Guthrie)(Courtesy Michelle Carr)(Courtesy QWN)(Markus Alias)(Jeff Davis)(Markus Alias)(Star Foreman)(Courtesy Belle, Book & Candle)(Tim Norris) (Samuel Hernandez/Lucha Va Voom)(Presley Ann)(Courtesy Penny Starr Jr.)(Courtesy QWN) (Markus Alias)(Courtesy Penny Starr Jr.)(Courtesy WTF-lesque)(Courtesy Penny Starr Jr.) (Jesse Koester)(Kevin D Campbell)(Presley Ann)(Star Foreman)(Courtesy Hells Belles)(Kevin D Campbell)(Kevin D Campbell) (Honey Touché )(Courtesy Tease if You Please)(Flashbulb Floozy/Safi Alia Shabaik)(Star Foreman)(Jennifer Mitchell)(Courtesy Anna Bells)(Courtesy Anna Bells)(Courtesy Anna Bells)(Jeff Davis) (Courtesy Tease if You Please)(Courtesy Richard Marz/Tease if You Please)(Courtesy Tease if You Please)(V Anchor Studio) (Peepshow Menagerie)(Nanette Gonzalez) (Sven Stucky)(Nanette Gonzalez) (Eric Williams)(Drew Pluta photography)(Frank Guthrie)(Jeff Davis) (Eric Williams)(Darren Eskandari) (Tim Hunter)(Kevin D Campbell)(Shannon Brooke Photography)(Daniel Sliwa) (James Bryan)(Claudio Robles)(Courtesy Tease if You Please)(Tease if You Please)(Matt Odom)(Jeff Davis)(Kevin D Campbell)(Ernie Manrique) (Tim Norris)(Mathias Cast) (Courtesy Tease if You Please) (Jeff Davis)(Will Chiang)(Aubre HIll)(Michael Lazzara)( Kenneth Watson)(Mike Goat)(Courtesy Tease if You Please)(Shannon Brooke Photography)(Eric Williams)(Jennifer Mitchell) (Meredith Carlson)(Ben Lin)(Connor Lee)

If you missed L.A. Weekly‘s cover story celebrating the city’s bountiful burlesque scene past and present a couple weeks ago, here’s one more chance to take a gander at the gorgeous and powerful performers in action. Featuring images from L.A.’s best current shows and even some O.G.’s (original grinders) like Velvet Hammer, Victory Variety Hour, Dita Von Teese and Star Girls, this pastie-power packed photo gallery also features brand new pics from the tempestuous (and timely) production called Tarantina (paying homage to the director of Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and, of course, the current hit, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) which had Quentin Tarantino himself as a guest last week.

See many of the ladies pictured here performing this week at the following engagements: Belle, Book & Candle at El Cid and Bootleg Bombshells at Townhouse Venice, both tonight- Wed., Aug. 21; Tease if You Please at Exchange LA and Tarantina at The Wiltern’s Kill Bill-Vol. 1&2  “Movie Night” screening — both this Friday, August 23; and Mondo Hollywood at Catch One (live music and burlesque), this Saturday, August 24. (Click show names linked here for tickets and more info.)



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