Anamanaguchi Vs the El Rey: 8-bit pioneers Anamanaguchi are touring their soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, The Game. Which one would think means lots of quirky, catchy, high energy glory. 

Back in 2020, for a “My Favorite Album” column, The Pride’s Daniel McGuffey said of the Endless Fantasy album: “Anamanaguchi was on my radar after providing the perfect soundtrack to 2010’s Scott Pilgrim 2D brawler, wherein they expertly captured the scratchy sonic inertia of the nineties. Three years later though, these masters of their craft took a transcendent leap forward, advancing light years past homage and emerging as true pioneers. ‘Endless Fantasy’ resurrects sounds of the past and repurposes them into a supernatural, future-proof something.”

November 2021 saw them release the “Water Resistant” single featuring 8485, and Ary Warnaar said in a statement, “For this project, we imagined  all 4 of us rolling up to the club in a Rocket League car, opening all the doors at the same time, and a track blasting from the speakers. The result was a proper hot wheels arena GOOOOAAAALLL basscore tune with the amazing vocal  feature from 8485!!”

Hear that song and more on Saturday.

Anamanaguchi Vs the El Rey: The event takes place at 9 p.m. on Saturday, January 22 at the El Rey Theater.

Anamanaguchi press bio:

Anamanaguchi is a four-piece band from New York and Los Angeles made up of Peter Berkman, Ary Warnaar, James DeVito, and Luke Silas. They program and perform intensely emotional digital music, and also once sent a slice of pizza into space. In 2019, their new album, [USA], was released on Polyvinyl Records and toured much of the US before the COVID 19 pandemic caused a shutdown. Since then, the guys decided to release a series of Summer Singles in 2020 accompanied by new media experiences & a website.”


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