What do you call a pop-up when it's being run by the same staff and owners as the restaurant it's taking over — Alma — which itself began life as a pop-up? A pop-within? A pop-up²? Whatever the title, expect Alma's latest mid-September one-night menu change to be spelled P-A-T-T-Y M-E-L-T.


That's right: Ari Taymor and Ashleigh Parsons' Gordian knot of a meal on September 15 will focus solely on the patty melt, that cheesy, beefy diner classic that's often overlooked in favor of its popular cousin, the cheeseburger. Taymor is no stranger to all things beef and bun (or, in this case, rye bread); he regularly cites burgers as his go-to indulgence, and wanted to showcase the patty melt as a tasty alternative.

“We're doing a patty melt pop up because it's different,” says the pair. “It's something that is fun for the space. It brings in a new energy, and it gives us a change of service, a change of pace.”

Each $35 three-course patty melt meal will consist of a starter salad, followed by the melt itself and a side of fries, with dessert to follow. Parsons' wine list will still be going strong, though given the more family-friendly nature of the evening, expect a slew of non-alcoholic drinks to boot.

The plan is to leave some space for walk-ins throughout the night, though anyone serious about having Ari Taymor (one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs) make them a patty melt is encouraged to book a seat through OpenTable.

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