In his latest piece for Marina Times, Michael Snyder shares a love and knowledge of fall favorite fruit: apples. With apple-picking season upon us, its a great time to familiarize yourself with all the varieties of this versatile produce. 

“The old saying — the one insisting that an apple a day keeps the doctor away — may not be irrefutable,” writes Snyder. “Nonetheless, the fruit does have undeniable, identifiable health benefits. Apples are high in fiber, vitamins C, E, and B1, and an important group of antioxidants known as polyphenols — compounds that protect your cells from molecules that can contribute to chronic destructive conditions in the human body. There are other virtues to the regular consumption of ripe, raw apples, peel and all, that involve proper weight maintenance, a healthier gut, and a sharper brain, although my brain already worked well enough to assure membership on Team Malus Domestica (the species of tree that produces edible apples).”

Read the full article on Marina Times here.

Knowing your apples

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