Every night in January, Cora in New York City and Patrick in L.A. have gone on a date together via Skype. Their mutual friend, actress Alison Pill (The Newsroom), thought they were perfect for each other and set them up on Jan. 1. Their screens exploded with chemistry from the get-go. How do we know this? Because every night they post their adorable, hilarious, intimate, moving, scary, sad, beautiful, four-minutes-or-less Skype date online as the web series 7p10e.

Or, at least, that's how it appears. This masterfully executed series is not a documentary but rather the fictional brainchild of L.A. actor-writer-musicians Avital Ash and Kyle McCullough.Ash (Cora) and actor Chris Alvarado (Patrick) actually filmed their conversations on their laptops from different rooms in McCullough's house.


Interspersed among the episodes online are brief email exchanges between the two characters, as well as screen shots of texts, which enhance the voyeuristic euphoria of it all. Lucas Neff (Raising Hope), Lauren Lapkus (Orange Is the New Black), McCullough and Pill make cameos.

In some ways the couple's acquaintance is prolonged – they don't learn what the other does for a living until Day 2. In others, it's accelerated. They talk every day, through sickness, visiting exes, worst-days-ever, drunken faux pas and revelations about one another's past that might otherwise end a new relationship. And as (ashamed) Twilight fans will tell you, a lack of physical contact can be the most titillating.

Even as Cora is still claiming on Day 11 that they're “just friends,” we're watching their love bloom.

The Tangled Web We Watch is our column on what's worth watching online. Watch 7p10e at www.7p10e.com. Read Stephanie Carrie's full interview with Avital Ash and Kyle McCullough on her blog, tangledwebwewatch.com.

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