Adam Carolla wants to be your Sledgehammer — at least when it comes to wine. The pie-loving comedian and podcaster recently joined forces with Sledgehammer, a North Coast winery, that now makes the official wine of The Adam Carolla Show. (Zin and cab, to be precise.)

Carolla, who recently chatted with us about his recipe for “mangria” and his visionary proposal to standardize wine bottle design, loves big, fruity reds. Though he says he almost never drinks while recording his show (he saves his drinking for the end of the day), last Thursday he hosted a boozy throwdown at ACE Broadcasting Studios, which is really just Carolla's converted warehouse/garage. Surrounded by cars in various states of repair, Brock Samson (a.k.a. Patrick Warburton) and Man Show memorabilia, Carolla couldn't have found a more manly place to sip his wine and record his podcast — unless he began broadcasting from a Turkish bathhouse or a prison.

(Download that evening's podcast here. It includes a link to the UStream video of the whole show with party coverage and a performance by The Dan Band.)

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