Every year holidays like Mother’s Day seem to come upon us faster, and every year procrastinators find themselves resisting roadside flower vendors (supporting them isn’t a bad thing, though) and supermarket gift card kiosks as we flip through leftovers greeting cards. Long gone are the days when we were kids and homemade coupons for a massage or breakfast in bed were an option.  The good news is we live in the modern age so buying something last minute, like today, and sending a screen shot of the item is perfectly acceptable…. plus, it gives mom something to look forward to. Here are our favorite last minute L.A. gift ideas for mom, or yourself!

Awe Inspired

(Awe Inspired)

Awe Inspired jewelry has a huge fanbase for its layered look and ornate yet classy style, but the L.A. boutique is also beloved for its women’s cause-minded ethos. The company recently joined forces with Women’s Earth Alliance for Earth Day. WEA is “a women-led organization that creates solutions to protect the environment and help to strengthen communities from the inside out.”  They’ve also partnered with Sad Girls Club to promote Mental Health Awareness. And their “Garden of Choice” design –seen above– makes a powerful and unique gift. The sterling silver reproductive rights amulet necklace celebrates bodily autonomy and the freedom of choice with a portion of sales going to Planned Parenthood. 8446 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood. aweinspired.com

flaire Co.

(Flaire & Co)

Flaire & Co. makes affordable yet trendy jewelry for the lady who loves to sparkle and shine but doesn’t have the pocketbook for over-priced glitz. The Los Angeles company aims for good quality pieces and affordable items that won’t turn your skin green or cause skin irritation. We like their dainty initial pieces for mom; get her the first letter of your name, hers or both. flaireaccessories.com

Berndt Offerings

(Berndt Offerings)

Mothers are saints. So are rockstars, artists and drag queens. At least they are as interpreted by L.A. artist Vicky Berndt. Her vibrant art depicts pop culture icons who’ve made a difference in the world with beautiful Virgen de Guadalupe-like backdrops on candles, calendars and jewelry.  Her line of Keane-like big-eyed art is equally beautiful and all make great gifts. Check out Berndt Offerings on Etsy. etsy.com/people/BERNDTOFFERINGS


Garden Grove’s Quirky Playground sells the cutest, silliest and funniest earrings you’ve ever seen. From little Starbucks lattes to gumball machines, ice cream cones to hamburgers. They are pure pop art goodness. They also have necklaces, chokers and collars if your mama’s tastes veer punk, rock or if she just has a wacky sense of humor. etsy.com/shop/quirkyplayground

skin laundry

(Skin Laundry)

Flowers, jewelry and candy are great, but if you have the funds for a special treat, we recommend something to help mom look her best. We experienced Skin Laundry for the first time during a media day and think women, especially older ones, will appreciate the results. This popular laser facial is quick, painless and effective for fading spots, wrinkles and promoting collagen. For Mother’s Day month (May) they have gift cards and Memorial Day promotions are planned at various L.A. locations. They’re also launching new “The Fixer” and “Powered Up” facial treatments this month. First visit is $75. skinlaundry.com


(Two of a Kind)

For most moms of adult kids, eyebrow maintenance is a necessary, if new thing. Some of us over-plucked in our youth, while others never quite got the arch shape thing right. Two of A Kind Brows, which focuses on the newest trend in brows– lamination– is a great place to learn more. Founded by Jordan Feise, in partnership with brow artist, Sophia Kamis, their services aim for bold, dark and fluffy looks that frame the eyes in a clean yet natural looking way.  twoofakindbrows.com


































































































































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