In their latest piece for Marina Times, writer Michael Snyder reviews the films that we’ve come to associate with the Halloween season, for better or for worse. From classics of Halloweens past, to the anticipated opening days of this October’s silver screen, Snyder provides insight into the popular genre of film. 

“If there’s a franchise for the studios to exploit such as the Halloween movies that feature the menace of masked serial killer Michael Myers, it shall be done,” writes Snyder. “So on Oct. 14, Universal Pictures is releasing Halloween Ends — starring Jamie Lee Curtis as suburban heroine Laurie Strode, who returns to face off against her nemesis Myers and complete a trilogy that served as a multipart sequel to 1978’s Halloween, the first of a dozen films spread over the course of 40 years. That makes Halloween Ends a lucky-for-somebody 13th. Talk about an unkillable thing.”

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Screen scares in the air

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