This week the restaurant review takes a look at Short Order, the upscale burger joint at the Original Farmer's Market. Here are some facts about the place and the review to whet your appetite for the full article.

Food: Big, juicy burgers aimed at grownup kids, plus a slew of other melts, “rafts” (open faced sandwich-type things) and sides. From the review: “When faced with a giant hunk of meat and cheese between bread, what's not to love? Short Order has plenty of variation — griddled mushrooms and Morbier cheese on the Short Order burger; cheddar and pickles and tomatoes on the Ida's Old School burger; bacon, tomato, onions and avocado on Nancy's Backyard Burger. Except? Except, as juicy and filling and over the top as these burgers are, as much as they satisfy that part of you that just wants to fill your whole face with meat and grease, they fall short of burger heaven. It's not that these aren't good burgers — they are. They're just not great burgers.”

Drinks: Beer from a rotating list of craft picks, wine, and cocktails, some too sweet, some quite good. Oh, and boozy milkshakes. Of which I did not approve (though the regular milkshakes are quite delicious).

Looks: Like an upscale version of the beach burger shack you visited as a kid. From the review: “Downstairs, on the patio, bench tables sit between the kitchen and a glassed-in fireplace. Up the staircase, the rooftop deck feels cozy and nautical, with strung-up lights, wooden tables and a communal table with a fire pit in a glass box at its center.”

Price: Quite expensive, actually, and here's where the main problem with Short Order comes in. There are plenty of good (and quite a few great) burgers in this town for less than the average price of a burger here — around $13.

Takeaway: Good fun but not essential eating. From the review: “… in any other town, the fantastic bread, interesting drinks and messy burger fun Short Order delivers might be a revelation. But in Los Angeles, where Americana and burgers are integral to the city's identity, where many of the places that inspire Short Order's nostalgia are still going strong, it's hard to paint this as a must-try.”

Read the full review here.

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