Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino brings some So Cal sunshine where ever she goes.

Best Coast's sunny 60's pop mixed with Cosentino's sweet Laurel Canyon voice takes you to back to the beach no matter where you are. Here in Austin, ominous clouds have rolled in this morning, shifting the once beautiful weather, into an air of slight dismay. Cosentino, the quintessential Southern Californian with blond tresses and dark sunglasses, looks a little worried.

“I hear it's going to rain tomorrow, can you even believe that”, she says while surrounded by guitars and amps backstage at Emo's. She's taking a break before she and her Best Coast comrades take the stage, and before her ceaseless parade of showcases.

Cosentino was kind enough to chat with me about her first SXSW, Best Coast's first full length and world tour plans, and the ubiquitous questionable fashion choices here in Austin.

You played with Pocahaunted for a while before starting Best Coast, so have you been to many SXSW's?

This is my First SXSW, I've never been, can you believe it? This is going to be crazy, I'm playing 11 shows. I have five shows tomorrow.

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

We don't really get to see many people. We're going back and forth between places and pretty much miss everything. But I am really excited to see Real Estate, who goes on stage in a minute.

What's up for you after this?

We're so busy. Basically rehearsing, playing some shows in the LA area, then taking off for a two month world tour in April.

How's your first full length going?

Recording process is done, and should be all ready to go soon.

Hey look at that girl over there, what is she wearing and should I take her picture?

Not sure what's going in there, but she definitely wants her picture taken.

Credit: Drew Tewksbury

Credit: Drew Tewksbury

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