Three Old Fashioned's and two tequila shots to celebrate, well, something, might have seemed necessary at the time — until you wake up the next morning. Because time travel is not currently an option, the next best thing is to curb what already ails you. So we spoke with a few L.A. bar experts who've seen their fair share of ugly hangovers — as observers or from personal experience — to get their tips on how to treat the fallout from all that booze.

Ideally, you should drink quality spirits and avoid diluting them with sugary things like soda or juice, as that will cut down your chances of having a hangover the next day. All of the experts we talked to point out that it's important to rehydrate with a lot of water. To accelerate your recovery though, each of suggested a different remedy. Check out their advice on how to ease the effects of a hangover — if not rid them altogether.

4. Mocktails

“One of the drinks that I love to make for a hangover is called 'Never Let Me Go,' which is cynar, cassis and fresh blood orange juice. It's clean and soothing. I drink that after having a tall glass of water with two big dashes of turmeric and freshly squeezed Meyer lemon first thing in the morning,” says Matthew Biancaniello formerly of Library Bar and now cocktail consultant.

“With a hangover, you're starting to compromise your immune system, so getting that nutrition back is the first step,” says Tricia Carr, beverage director at Shutters on the Beach. “To replenish your nutrients and electrolytes, a mocktail with fresh juice and ginger, which is good for your digestion, would be great.”

3. Exercise

Kris Doyle, head bartender at Trattoria Neapolis, says “Try to go outside and run a few laps or take a 30-minute walk. Getting the heart rate up will increase blood circulation and sweat, which may help the liver metabolize the alcohol more quickly and sweat out the toxins. Another exercise that may help and allow you to stay indoors close to a bed would be to do pushups.”

soup dumplings; Credit: Anne Fishbein

soup dumplings; Credit: Anne Fishbein

2. Dim Sum

“My go-to when it's really bad has always been dim sum,” says Noah Ellis, managing partner and bar director at Red Medicine. “The tea helps, because of the caffeine. There's a bunch of steamed items and the steam might help you sweat a little. You get some salt in the soy [sauce]. There's some combination of fried items or something spicy. It's that combination of starch, fat, and salt, which is a key to recovery.”

1. Beer

“A great way to get over a serious hangover is to drink a Michelada, which is cold (preferably Mexican) beer with lot's of ice and lime juice in a glass with a salted rim,” says Fausto Zapata, co-founder of Mezcal El Silencio.

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