By now, everyone's heard of the cinematic wonder called Magic Mike. Based on the real-life experience of budding Hollywood star Channing Tatum, the film has filled movie theaters with women and gay men.

Understandably, the straight dudes who have seen the movie were likely stuck in misery watching with their significant others, hoping that the good deed of seeing the flick would lead to some magic in the bedroom.

However, fellas, as painful as it is for us to see a movie that on the surface seems to have zero intrinsic value for us, there are SOME things, if you look objectively, that we can take from this movie that can help us get laid.

Dancing: Let's face it, a lot of straight dudes can't dance, and if they can, they're about a five on a 10-point scale. That's pretty bad considering ladies love a guy who shows the moves on the floor, which can translate to a hot night in the bedroom.

So, take notes from how these guys are able to shake their hips and move their bodies. No that doesn't mean you'll learn to dance like a stripper, but it will give you an idea of what makes chicks swoon, which isn't bad, right?

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Getting in Shape: This is pretty obvious, but the ladies love a man who's in shape. Outside of money and absolutely true blissful, blind love, women are going to go for a dude who's attractive and in good physical condition, not a slob.

“Magic Mike” tells us that if you're toned and look less like Jabba the Hutt, you'll be able to get the attention of women whom you may have thought were out of your league. So hit the gym and get toned — if it can work for these guys, why can't it work for you?

Hustle: The reason why the American dream is still prominent is because you have guys, like the title character, who are doing whatever it takes to fulfill what they really want to do with their lives.

In the case of “Magic Mike,” it's to start a custom furniture company. Whether it's that, start a music label, or open up a restaurant, doing what you can to make things happen is always a plus, even if you have to work hard for your money.

Watching Mike's hustle and drive can inspire you to see that there can be something to work for, even if you don't enjoy what your current occupation.

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