2manydjs play LA Between Coachellas: Since 1995, Stephen and David Dewaele have been members of Belgian electronic group Soulwax. Five albums into their career, Soulwax continues two thrill to this day.

Meanwhile, the Dewaeles perform DJ sets as 2manydjs, and those sets are equally as exciting. This year’s two spots at Coachella didn’t represent their first time at the festival, but they were one of the best acts of the two weekends. In-between, they performed a low-key DJ set at the Fonda Theatre in L.A. There was little in the way of a show — no lighting or other visuals. There was no merch for sale, nothing. But the crowd was psyched to see them.

Incidentally, that crowd was very mixed — people of all ages, in all manner of dress, proving that 2manydjs appeals to everyone. We saw one guy in a denim vest covered in prog patched (Rush, Pink Floyd, etc). Another was wearing a Dirty Dancing movie shirt. And all of them danced like loons.

2manydjs have never been ones to think conventionally. They’ve always reached outside of generally accepted electronic boundaries. That’s why their previous mixes have seen the Stooges blended with Salt N’ Pepa. New Order rubbing shoulders with the Velvet Underground. There’s a punk coolness about these Belgians that puts them a cut above.

The Coachella set (at least the first one) opened with Stooges but not the Fonda. L.A. did get the Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” though, and that worked beautifully in their self-realized dance-punk environment. Elsewhere the “da-da-da” refrain on Rosalía’s “Bizcochito” had this crowd bouncing.

But their gift is that it all blends together into one awesome thing. World collide, yet there’s no jarring crash. The Dewaele’s are the putty buffer that allows genres to smoothly fit together. Long many it continue.


2manydjs play LA Between Coachellas













































































































2manydjs play LA Between Coachellas

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