Ever wondered what's inside the Echo Park Time Travel Mart? Maybe you've stopped by but didn't have enough time to peruse the shelves. Maybe you've been meaning to go, but couldn't schedule it in. Presented here for your enjoyment are 19 essential items from the store.

1. The Front Door

Definitely not to be missed. Look closely at the stickers.

2. Dodo Chow

A Time Travel Mart classic.

3. Aztec Pocket Calendar

Convenient travel size! Ends in 2012. Or maybe that was the Mayan Pocket Calendar.

4. Fresh Donuts.

I didn't check to see if they really were fresh.

5. Duel Starter

The hipster girl at the counter told me that these are really popular. Makes sense. Los Angeles is really violent.

6. Closed Circuit Camera Monitors

If you look at the monitors, you can watch footage of people from different times looting the store. Kind of genius.

7. Slushie Machine

Always broken.

8. Famous Last Words

Collect them all! My favorite: Napoleon Bonaparte, “Josephine.”

9. Genie Lamps

Perhaps the most essential item in the store. Lets you wish for anything else in the store.

10. Harpoons


11. Knight Helmets

Assorted styles for assorted knights.

12. Industrial Revolution Pollution

I know what you're thinking, “Like we need more of this?”

13. Medicinal Leeches

Yes, these leeches really suck. They seemed to be very much alive.

14. Mammoth Chunks

See: Dodo Chow.

15. Informational Posters

Not for sale, but still neat-o.

16. King Tut Action Figure

His “action” poses are all the same. Or so subtly different as to be practically the same.

17. Clone Machine

It was being serviced last time I was there. Last thing you want is a broken clone machine making imperfect copies.

18. Bulletin Board

There were flyers for a Versailles Estate Sale and “Now Hiring Manager at Plato's Cave.”

19. Robot Milk

Why do robots need milk?

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