Top 10 TS OnlyFans

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Trans girls are uber sexy, which is why TS OnlyFans Creators are some of the most popular on the site. These women are horny, hot, and ready to fuck on camera, and they like knowing that you are there watching. Some of these Only Fans TS stars have big cocks, some have pretty tits, some like to tuck, and others like to let it all hang out. Like anybody, each TS OnlyFans creator has their own likes and dislikes, and offer the services they are comfortable with, so make sure to read through their profiles to see if they are into the same things that you are, and then hit that subscribe button and make sure to like their content.

TS girls are dynamic and interesting individuals, and so much more than just a sexual fantasy. On OnlyFans, you have the chance to chat with real trans girls and find out what they like, dislike, and what kind of things get them off. They may be open to answering your questions or telling you a little about themselves, and you may even get the chance to make a genuine connection with a content creator that is more than just a transactional encounter. That is the beauty of this interactive website.

We searched high and low for the best TS OnlyFan accounts that are active and online now. Please read on to see the top ten transsexual models, actresses, porn stars, and adult entertainers we have chosen, and maybe you will find a new favorite OnlyFans account to follow.

Best OnlyFans TS: Featured This Month

 Best TS OnlyFans

  1. Andylynn Payne – Strong and Sexy Only Fan TS Account
  2. Aurora – Sparkly TSOnlyFans Bimbo Princess
  3. TS Smolbacons – Your New TS OnlyFan Girlfriend
  4. Moxie Doll – Kinky OnlyFansTS Model
  5. Kida Kawaii – English TS OnlyFan Blonde Content Creator
  6. Danni Dolphin – Geeky Only Fans TS Trans Girl
  7. The Domino Presley – OnlyFans TS Homemade POV Vids
  8. Pink Ivy XXX – Latina OnlyFansTS Adult Film Actress
  9. Laura T’s Official Account – OnlyFans TS Cubana Chick
  10. Hannah – Your new TS OnlyFans Online Girlfriend

Best 10 TS OnlyFans

#1. Andylynn Payne – Sexy Brunette TS OnlyFan Page



  • 350+ media files
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:

A beautiful start to our list of the ten best OnlyFansTS girls online, Anylynn Payne is an adventurous and outgoing trans girl who is artistic, fun, and cute as a button. Her profile does not say much about the type of content she posts but we can assume by her 77.4K+ likes and her gorgeous nude photo in her bio that it is well worth the subscription price. 

Andylynn treats life as a series of experiences, and her earnings on OnlyFans contribute to her travels and musical career, so by sending a big tip and watching her videos, you are giving her the funds she needs to continue living her wonderful, joyful queer life.

#2. Aurora – Sparkly TS OnlyFans Goth Brat



  • 400+ media files
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:

A self-described trans bimbo princess, Aurora is a hot, young, curvy trans girl who is on OnlyFans putting it all out there for her subscribers to enjoy. In 2022 she won the social media fan favorite ALTPORN award, as well as the 2022 XBIZ best trans social media star award. 

This Las Vegas goth OnlyFans TS girl is very kink friendly and loves being interactive, offering services including dick rating and limited custom content, along with one-on-one messaging when she can. She posts nudes and lewds, boy girl and girl girl content, as well as solo pictures and videos, and she loves to play with adult toys as well. If you send a tip, this pansexual princess will definitely reward you with a little something special.

#3. TS Smolbacons – Exclusive Only Fans TS Pics and Vids



  • 1.4K media files
  • $15 per month

Where to Follow:

If you want to watch a beautiful Only Fans TS Canadian girl in her early 20s get busy with other trans girls in exclusive pics and videos, then you will definitely want to follow TS Smolbacons. When you join her page you get instant access to hundreds of unedited, uncensored full nude photos and videos of her masturbating. 

She posts new content at least four times a week to the feed, so you know that the montly cost will get you enough content to keep you interested (and if you turn on your rebill you will get even more exclusive pics and videos sent to your inbox).

She posts very few pay per view videos, it is usually one per month, so your feed will be free of PPV spam. You can also pay a little extra for JOI, CEI, SPH, dick rates, sexting, customs, and even one on one video calls with the dream girl herself. If you want to access these personalized services, then all you have to do is send her a message in the DMs. She loves to chat with her fans, and is online for hours every single day just to talk to you. So what are you waiting for? Follow this TS OnlyFan girl now.


#4. Moxie Doll – Pretty Blonde OnlyFans TS Domme



  • 750+ media files
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:

Moxie doll is our sweet and sassy TS Only Fans domme, and thanks to her hardcore attitude, her sexy ass, and her hot content, her page is currently in the top 0.4% of all creators on OnlyFans now. For the cost of subscription, you get to see videos that include jack off instructions and CEI, ass worship, cock worship, and foot worship vids, ass play, hot and steamy sex tapes, and self-facials. 

Moxie is a very interactive creator who replies to her fans, so if you want to get to know her better or be humiliated by this pro sissy trainer, then go on and send her a hello in the DMs. Follow this OnlyFansTS girl to watch her fuck, or to get dominated by a real New York trans girl.

#5. Kida Kawaii – Cute Blonde English TSOnlyFans Girl



  • 3.4K media files
  • $6.99 per month

Where to Follow:

A small 5’5” feminine TS Only Fans content creator, Kida Kawaii loves to feel cute. She posts online not only to make extra money, but also to satisfy her kinks. She loves to get her fans off with her daily uploaded videos and pictures, and don’t worry, nothing is behind a paywall on her page. 

That’s right, there is zero pay per view content on this blonde TS OnlyFans page. You simply have to pay the low $10 subscription fee once a month for brand new exclusive content every single day.

Kida is a British babe with over 3K pictures and 320+ videos to watch, with content like solo play (hands free, dildo riding, and fingering), duo play (anal, blowjobs and cumplay), cute cosplay content, foot fetish fun, chastity kink content, and more. She is always open to creating customs for the right fan, and she guarantees she will reply to your DM if you want to send her a dirty message to daddy’s little girl.


#6. Danni Dolphin – Canadian Geeky OnlyFans TS Girl



  • 10.9K media files
  • $5 per month

Where to Follow:

The perfect crossover between geeky gamers and TS OnlyFans sluts, this pretty trans girl posts content that is all about white booty, with over ten thousand pictures and 350+ videos to browse through once you subscribe. She has a full menu of options you can pay a little extra for as well, but make sure you send a message for confirmation before sending your tip her way. 

This hot and horny OnlyFans TS girl will XXX text with you for a full thirty minutes for just $20, and she is down to rate your cock pics for only $5, for example. Get the most bang for your buck with this cute Canadian TS OnlyFan entertainer.

#7. The Domino Presley – Very Active TS OnlyFan Performer



    • 2.2K fans
    • 3.6K media files and streams
  • $9.99 per month

Where to Follow:

One third of the trans pop group The Gurls, The Domino Presley is an ultra glam and sexy TSOnlyFans woman who posts regular homemade porn, behind the scenes footage, POV videos, and other hot trans content on her page. 

She invites her over 2.2K fans to enjoy the show and to ask about customs, so don’t be shy. She can sing and she is a professional entertainer who knows exactly what her subscribers want to see. And best of all, you can feel good about where your dollars are going, because Domino has founded a scholarship that specifically supports trans sex workers. So join Domino’s sexy page now.


#8. Pink Ivy – Black Trans OnlyFans TS Model and Actress



  • 620+ media files
  • $14.99 per month

Where to Follow:

Piink Ivy is a hot, curvy, black and latina adult film star and gorgeous Only Fans TS model who is open minded, proud, and ready to show you just what she is made of. Her pics and videos pack a punch, with delicious content you will not see anywhere else. 

This TS OnlyFans girl also works as an activist, with the aim of opening doors for other queer, black and POC creators in the sex industry. And we are all for it! Her content is filled with some of the hottest domme action with sissy boys, and includes other popular male and female porn stars one-on-one or in wild orgies, as well as a lot of solo content featuring her thick black dick.


#9. Laura T’s Official Account – Miami OnlyFansTS Switch Model



  • 1.6K+ media files
  • $25 per month

Where to Follow:

Laura T is a beautiful, curvaceous, and fetish-friendly OnlyFans TS performer with a big booty, pretty tits, and a big cock that she loves to stroke on camera. She is a Cubana chica who lives in Miami, posting exclusive content daily including solo videos and sex tapes, ass play videos, blowjobs, cock play, cumshots, foot fetish content, toy videos, and latex domination videos. 

She aims to satisfy your needs and act out your fantasies for you, so if you have something you want her to do, you can always request custom content from this sexy switch (top and bottom) Only Fans TS adult entertainer.

#10.Hannah – OnlyFans TS Virtual Girlfriend of your Dreams



  • 2.2K+ media files
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:

If you have been dreaming about having your very own virtual TS OnlyFans girlfriend, now is your chance. Hannah is here to sext, create custom content for you, rate your dick, and personally respond to every single DM you send. She never uses bots or chat services, it is all her, all the time. 

When you subscribe to her page, you will see daily uploads, and you will instantly get access to her back catalog of over 2.1K naughty pictures and videos filled with content like cumshots, B/G and G/G content, foursome sex parties, toys, JOI, blowjobs, CEI, sissification vis, femdom and a straight boy’s first time. You will also get a free gift when you join, so hit that subscribe button now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Only Fans TS

What Does TS OnlyFans Mean?

No, TS OnlyFans does not mean “terms of service”, even though that is the first thing that comes up when you google it. In this context, TS stands for transsexual, otherwise known as trans people. If you don’t know what trans means, it is a term for a person who, when they were born, were assigned a gender by the doctor and their parents that they do not identify with.

For example, a person may have been raised as a boy their whole lives, because they were born with a penis or born intersex, but never felt “right” as a boy. In their heart and their mind, they always knew they were a girl, and at some point decided to transition in some way to embody the characteristics that match their insides.

Some trans women will dress in feminine clothing and grow their hair longer, some will take estrogen and other hormonal supplements, and some will have operations that make their breasts fuller or have genital surgery to create female genitalia in the place of the penis.

Some trans men will dress more masculine, they may take testosterone, or they may have top surgery to remove breast tissue, or they may have bottom surgery to enlarge the clitoris into a penis. Each person decides what feels right for themselves.

TS Only Fans accounts feature trans women or trans men who are expressing their true selves through their sexuality. It is a freeing thing for many to post real pics of themselves and have hundreds or thousands of people follow them and like them for who they are.

Should I Use the Term Shemale to Describe a Trans Woman?

Shemale is a degrading term that is often used in pornography to describe trans women who were born with male genitals, but who have breasts and look very feminine. It is rude, and more importantly it denies their gender identity by calling them “male”.

Trans women are women, not men. Language is important, and it can be harmful if misused. Some other words that are outdated and no longer used include tranny, chicks with dicks, ladyboy, heshe, hermaphrodite (for intersex people), “preop” or “post op” (when referring to their genital status), or worst of all, “it”. If you are unsure about a person’s gender, try the gender neutral pronoun “they”, or simply use their name.

When we post TSOnlyFans accounts on our site, we are not trying to other the content creators in any way, we simply know that there are many people out there who really like to watch trans people enjoy themselves as they get fucked, give or receive a blowjob, and play with themselves on camera.

Where Can I Meet a Trans Girl?

While there are plenty of transgender dating sites online, if you are out to meet a trans person in real life, all you have to do is get out there. There are a lot of trans people, probably even in your neighborhood. Go meet new people, have an open mind, and frequent LGBTQ+ friendly places.

You may just meet your next trans girlfriend. It is important to note that most TS women are not living their lives just to be fetishized. They are real women who just want to live their lives in a joyful way. This is why TS OnlyFan accounts are so important. They are filled with trans performers who are putting themselves out there and are happy to be jack off material in your spank bank, as long as you pay them for the pleasure.

Can You Start an OnlyFans Page if You’re Trans?

Yes! There are thousands of trans people on TS OnlyFans now. Many are actually using the site to fund the expensive parts of their transition like hormone therapy, operations, and even purchasing nice, gender affirming clothing and accessories.

It can be a great way to make easy fast money, especially if you are ready to put some work into advertising, marketing, creating high quality content and chatting with your fans. The market for trans content is huge, and there is still plenty of room for new up and coming trans super stars on the site. Especially if you are cute.

The only caveat we would give is that by opening a TS OnlyFans account, you are putting yourself in a position to be sexualized and even fetishized. It can be very hard on a person’s mental health to be seen as a sex object, unless they truly like getting a lot of positive and negative attention, or who can truly separate their work self from the rest of their life.

People want to pay to get to know you, so your time will mostly be spent answering DMs which may include very personal questions regarding your gender identity and your life choices, and they may push you to do things you do not want to do. Overall, it is best to ensure that you are psychologically ready for this type of work before starting your TSOnlyFans page.

Can You Make Money On OnlyFans With Just Pictures?

Yes, you can definitely make money with a TS Only Fans page if you post the right types of pictures, and market yourself well. It takes a whole lot more than just taking some topless selfies in the mirror and putting them on your page. The most important thing is to figure out what kinds of images your fans will want to see. If you are a TS OnlyFan model, they will probably want to see you completely nude, or at least get a peek at your bulge or your tits, so make sure you feature those types of images on your page frequently. You also need to make sure your pictures are HD, not blurry, with good lighting. An attractive photo composition will make all the difference in whether or not a fan will click subscribe or pass on your stuff. You might even want to hire a professional photographer to do photos for you. The more you do to make your pics visually appealing, the better.

To make more money, you must post consistently as well. Your subscribers are paying for a full month’s worth of content. You will want to make sure you hold their attention for the full 30+ days, so they want to re-up their subscription. You could offer promotional campaigns, games, contests, and advertise on other social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, or Instagram.

Many content creators will also put their best, dirtiest content behind a pay per view wall, and they will also offer other options for purchase like customized content or chats with their fans. It is up to you whether or not you are comfortable with posting more than just pics, but in general, the more you are willing to do, the more money you are likely to make.

Is “Transman” a Word?

Yes, transman is a word that is used to describe a trans person who was assigned female at birth, but whose gender identity is actually male. It is not used very often and may be considered offensive to some people because it makes the person sound like they are not a “full” man, but something other. It depends on the context in which it is used.

How Often Should I Post on OnlyFans?

When it comes to paid subscription costs, it is important for most creators to post on OnlyFans multiple times a week. Many of the highest earners post at least once a day, and sometimes several times a day. It may sound like a lot, but if you take, say 50 photos in advance, you can change into multiple outfits and schedule your posts ahead of time so you can take days off if you like, while your page continues to put content out at the same time every day.

Even if you have a full-time job outside of your Only Fans TS account, you can count on the site to keep your account up to date, and then check in and respond to messages during the evenings and on weekends, or whenever it works for you. If your OnlyFans TS is your full-time job, then you will be able to post more frequently in real time.


If you find trans girls especially hot, we hope that our top ten Only Fans TS list has given you some more fuel to your fire. These girls are down to get dirty, give jack off instructions, post sex tapes, get kinky by themselves or with a partner, and enjoy cute cosplays.

They play with toys, they rate cocks, and they put up nudes and lewds for their fans to enjoy. If you have found a girl that you like a lot, subscribe to their page, send them a tip, or give them a special gift if they have linked a Wishlist to their account. They will appreciate your attention, and you may get a little something special in return.

People around the world are very diverse, and it is nice to see that more people are embracing a wide variety of preferences when it comes to sex and gender. OnlyFans TS accounts are there for all the people who want to experience a fun time with sexy trans girls, and for those who are just a little curious about what it would be like to spend time in bed with a trans girl. No matter what type of woman you are into, you cannot deny that the ten TS Only Fans models we have found are beautiful, talented, and fun to watch.


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