2023’s Top Ten OnlyFans in Sweden

Screen Shot 2021 09 03 at 3 2Sweden is a beautiful country with some extremely cold winters and some extraordinarily hot women. Many of them are of Nordic descent, making them powerful, independent, and polite, and from what we have seen, they live up to the stereotype of being some of the most attractive, and the most horny, people on Earth.

Because they live up north, where the winters are long and dark, they have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the bedroom and in front of their cameras, making high-quality OnlyFans videos, taking spicy nudes, and entertaining their fans with in-depth chats. They can get kinky…did you know they are famous for massages and that they like their meatballs covered in gravy? Take that as a metaphor for the kind of dirty, saucy content you might see when you subscribe.

There were thousands of gorgeous Sweden OnlyFans girls to choose from when making our top ten list, but we think that we have succeeded in finding you the best of the best OnlyFans in Sweden. We hope you agree.

Best Sweden OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Sweden OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023


Best 10 Sweden OnlyFans

#1. Maya Johansson – Best Swedish Chatter on OnlyFans



  • Full Swedish content (no English)
  • Free dick rates
  • 750+ photos, videos, and live streams
  • $5 per month

Where to Follow:


Don’t be intimidated by Maya Johansson’s fully Swedish bio, as this Sweden Only Fans girls’ content will make it well worth your while to stay. She calls herself the “Swedish fuck doll”, but she is so much more than that. Maya’s page has no PPV, so you can watch her cosplay, B/G, G/G, FFM threesome and solo content without having to pay extra. You can also check out her custom video menus, or spin the wheel to win a fun prize.

Best of all, Maya is one of the most responsive chatters we have ever seen on this site, as she does her best to answer all of her DMs within 5 to 10 minutes, as long as you write to her in the 12-hour window she is active. It will feel like you are texting with your real-life girlfriend, and you can get as dirty as you want, including fetish sexting, humiliation, and free 1-10 dick rates.


#2. Honeybabe – Best XXXplicit Content



  • Best dirty talk
  • Strap on, dildos, and toys
  • 1.4K+ photos and videos
  • $9 per month

Where to Follow:


Honeybabe is in the top 1.5% of OnlyFans creators worldwide, and at only 23 years old has a lot of experience in making some of the hottest adult entertainment out there. She posts XXX videos and photos every single day, featuring content like cumshots, blowjobs, nudes, solo, toys, B/G, G/G, strap on, foot fetish, dildos, dirty talk, butt plugs and anal. Basically everything you could want from a porn actress, all found in one exciting OnlyFans in Sweden.

Honeybabe also does dick ratings, she is very fetish friendly, and will definitely respond to you if you send her a DM. She is artistic, she does a lot of kinky cosplay and BDSM work, and you may be shocked at how much you enjoy watching her play with her friends, or herself.


#3. Amanda Breden – Best Sweden OnlyFans Stripteases



  • Blonde with huge tits
  • Crazy squirting and stripteases
  • 1.2K+ posts
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:


Imagine a big titty blonde, and then pump up the bra size x3 and you have Amanda Breden. This Sweden OnlyFans MILF is in the top 0.21% worldwide, with fully nude and explicit XXX porn content like female solo, B/G and G/G content, toys, strip teasing, squirting, fetish, and role playing. She also does dirty talk and JOI in her Swedish accent, and encourages her fans to send her messages. You won’t want to miss out on this kinky (and flexible) woman’s content. Trust us.


#4. Alice – Hottest Solos and Public Flashing



  • Solo and B/G content
  • Public gym flashing
  • 770+ photos and videos
  • $10 per month

Where to Follow:


Alice is an amateur porn star with one of the most fun OnlyFans in Sweden. She is cute, she is approachable, and guess what guys, she is single. Her page is bilingual, as she speaks excellent English and Swedish, so you will be able to understand what she is saying when she rates your cock or talks dirty to you.

Alice’s content is mostly solo stuff, including public gym flashing, but once in a while she will get together with a really good friend to fuck in B/G content. This petite and open-minded gal is more interested in you though, as she loves to chat with her fans and make custom photos and videos that are personalized.


#5. Annabelle Roars – Your New Swedish Mistress



  • HD quality videos
  • Kinky content
  • 790 posts
  • $6 per month

Where to Follow:


As a kinky Swedish domme, Annabelle wants you to call her Mistress or Goddess. She is a fetish-loving size queen who posts HD-quality nudes, along with solo and custom content, which are included in the price of your subscription. For dick ratings, sexting, domme sessions, voice notes, slave tasks, and customs, you have to pay a little extra. There is a wide range of services and fun you can choose from in her menus.

This Sweden OnlyFans queen loves to humiliate her subs, and she is into smoking fetishes, wearing masks, femdom, big cocks/toys, fuck machines, and being absolutely worshipped by her fans. Join now if that sounds like something you would be into. She will definitely keep things interesting.


#6. Whatever Girl – Naughtiest Tease and Porn Star



  • Exclusive XXX nudes and videos
  • Swedish and English dirty talk
  • 3.1K pics and videos
  • $17 per month

Where to Follow:


Although her name sounds nonchalant, Whatever Girl is a passionate and exciting content creator from Sweden. She is slim with a nice big butt, and when you join her page you will have access to her fully nude, uncensored pics, and there are free and PPV porn videos, dildo shows, blowjob content, teasing and lingerie, B/G sex tapes, anal, feet, creampie, and dirty talk in both English and Swedish.

This OnlyFans Sweden slut asks you to DM her if you want to buy her used panties, socks or toys, or if you want to order custom photo sets or videos. Don’t miss out.


#7. Paulina Alatalo – Most Tattooed Swedish Stripper



  • Real stripper from Sweden
  • Threesomes and roleplay
  • 1.3K photos, videos, and live streams
  • $49 per month

Where to Follow:


As a stripper, Paulina Alatalo can definitely move her body. She keeps it tight for her fans and looks great in everything she puts on (and takes off). She is a dominating presence in the bedroom, ready to take control. Her page features roleplay, toys, squirting, dirty talk, JOI, and fetishes in solo, B/G and G/G photos and videos. And, of course, stripping! She gets fully nude and explicit. Subscribe now and get hard in seconds. She is waiting to hear from you.



#8. Kattmynta – Biggest Swedish Tease



  • Big fake boobs
  • Dick rates available
  • 1.7K photos and videos
  • $19 per month

Where to Follow:


A curvy cougar with a beautiful body, Kattmynta is in her 40s and can’t wait to show you everything she can do. She is experienced in sensuality, and she is also an expert dick rater. Make sure you send her your best shot of your cock because she has seen a lot.

Kattmynta has firm and full silicone breasts that give her excellent cleavage. She updates her page nearly every day, and although she doesn’t do porn or explicit content at all, you are still going to get more than you bargained for with her teasing nudes and lingerie play.


#9. Emma – Sexiest All-Natural Swedish Hottie



  • Uncensored nudes on her wall
  • Sexting sessions available
  • 1.1K photos and videos
  • $19.99 per month

Where to Follow:


Emma is all-natural, working with her killer curves to post sexy uncensored nude content on her wall, without spam or ads clogging up your feed. She has one of the top OnlyFans in Sweden because she is very interactive, and prioritizes chatting, replying to every message she gets, and rewarding tips right away. Custom requests are also welcome, and she does sexting sessions with videos as well.


#10. Linnejhavip – Most Bodacious Blonde from Sweden



  • B/G and threesome content
  • Fetish friendly
  • 700+ photos, videos, and livestreams
  • $12.99 per month

Where to Follow:


Linnea is a bodacious blonde Sweden OnlyFans porn star who specializes in B/G, threesome, and gangbang porn of all kinds. She is fetish-friendly, and down to do all manner of naughty things for your enjoyment. DM her for customs, or just follow her page for daily XXX posts that will start your day out right. Whatever you are into, you are bound to find something that suits your needs on Linnea’s page.



Frequently Asked Questions About the Top OnlyFans in Sweden

Can OnlyFans be Region Locked?

Yes, there are many places throughout the world that have different views on nudes, pornographic videos, and other adult entertainment. There are entire countries in which OnlyFans is blocked. There are also places like cafes or libraries that have a network block on sites like OnlyFans, to keep this type of content out of their establishment, mainly because they are public spaces where viewing amateur porn or stripper videos would be inappropriate.

If you are traveling, or if you live in a country that has blocked porn sites, but you want access to the sweet nude OnlyFans in Sweden, you can try a VPN, which will encrypt your internet usage and mask your IP address, meaning you can bypass government censors by hiding where you are physically located.

What Are Common Physical Characteristics of Swedish People?

Like any other place, the country of Sweden has all types of people living there, but Sweden is an interesting place, where the tall, fit blonde stereotype is actually, at least partly true. The Swedish culture centers around fitness and health, in part, due to the long winters and a focus on mental wellness during the dark months. Traditional diets, along with plenty of exercise, keep many Swedes trim and sexy.

At least 80% of Swedes are naturally blonde with blue eyes, the average height on men and women is approximately two inches taller than the American and UK average, have nice complexions, and have a good sense of style. Best of all, when polled on their attitudes towards sex, 78% of Swedish women claimed to have a high sex drive. No wonder Only Fans in Sweden are so incredible!

Can You Search for OnlyFans in Sweden by Country?

Yes, searching by country is easy when you use a dedicated search tool like OnlyFinder. For example, it you want to find Sweden OnlyFans girls and guys, all you have to do is navigate your web browser to onlyfinder.com, and then type whatever you are looking for into the search bar at the top. It works just like a Google search, except every page it shows you will be an OnlyFans account.

You will notice that some of the pages will not feature Sweden Only Fans, and may seem random, but these are paid ads for content creators (which may still be worthwhile to check out) that you can scroll past. The ads are denoted by a small square in the top, near their name, that says “Ad”.

How do Swedish People Flirt?

Swedish flirting in person is not much different from their online game, except you cannot get as physical as you would like with them. In Sweden, if you are flirting with somebody, they will typically just end the conversation by saying something like “let’s get a coffee some time”, or if you meet up in a bar, they may want to dance and then take you home for a little more. If you invite a Swedish person over for a movie night, they will assume you mean sex in most cases.

It is a country that is more sexually liberated than most, especially for the women, who are less worried about being labeled as “slutty”. The egalitarian society has transmuted itself into every aspect of the culture, including dating and sex. The girls in Sweden like to get what they want, so they will flirt hard and aggressively. This translates well to Sweden OnlyFans girls, who are not shy about expressing their deepest desires out loud, and they have no shame surrounding their sexuality.

Who Has Made the Most Money on OnlyFans so Far?

Although she has been off the site for years now, Blac Chyna still holds the record for the most money earned on OnlyFans. Because of her infamy, combined with her ultra-sexy content and her give-no-fucks attitude, Blac Chyna was able to make over $20 million every month, charging her subscribers $19.99 to see her content creation, but quit after only a couple years, feeling like she got all she could, artistically speaking, out of making porn content on the site.

Can You Launder Money on OnlyFans?

Laundering money is what it is called when you take “dirty” money, from criminal activity, and then mix it in with legitimate earnings, making it look like the money was earned legitimately, to throw authorities off the trail. It is against the law, and, like all illegal activity, is not allowed on OnlyFans. If you are suspected of using your account for money laundering, you may be at risk of suspension.

Can Unattractive People Make Money on OnlyFans?

The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” could not be more true than when it comes from a place of desire. What you may consider unattractive may be the peak of sensuality to another person. If you have an obvious characteristic that stands out, like a larger than average nose or a fat tummy, you can use that to your advantage. Instead of hiding it, flaunt it. Advertise yourself as the big round stomach babe or the nosey girl next door. Average looking girls are just that: average. Your different appearance may actually make you stand out from the crowd and bring in more followers than you expect.


They say that blondes have more fun, and since approximately 80% of all Swedish people are naturally blonde, it stands to reason that they are the most fun nation in Europe. Swedes are an exciting and laid-back people who are willing to doff their winter attire in front of a roaring fire, get their tits and asses out, and have a good time with their fans.

The next time you are craving some sexual attention, try messaging a Sweden OnlyFans creator. These girls are always happy to chat. But don’t take our word for it, try it out yourself! After you subscribe to your favorite OnlyFans models, you can send them a DM and see if they are down for some one-on-one sexting. Some may do it for free, others may charge a small fee, but you can get the special Swedish attention you have been waiting for. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to some Sweden Only Fans accounts now, and let us know who your new favorite is.


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