Zoey Keeps On Making The Headlines, She Is Now Changing The Face of Swimwear Industry With Her New Brand

Hollywood is no stranger to individuals making headlines with their outstanding talents and skills. As a matter of fact, thousands of great actors have cemented their legacies with stellar performances in renowned films and shows. While it is true that their prowess helped them reach ultimate success, much of it can also be attributed to their relentless drive and unwavering commitment to their craft. Everything seems to indicate that this is exactly the case with Zoey, whose remarkable talent has already been witnessed everywhere.

Zoey Albert, best known mononymously as Zoey, entered the Hollywood industry as a model and walked down the runway for several luxury brands like Calvin Klein and Puma.

However, Zoey found her passion for acting and played various roles in different films and TV series. Achieving great success with her craft, the young actress could be seen everywhere, from acting alongside Hollywood renowned actors like Wesley Snipes, to appearing in Spanish “telenovelas”, especially on latin network NBC Telemundo. She was also featured in Forbes magazine, praised for her talent and innovative abilities.

Zoey is presently filming a project set to be released before the year ends. Though the project’s name is yet to be disclosed, it originally started production by the end of 2019 but had to take a mandatory break due to the global pandemic. The young star also has some interesting projects in the pipeline for 2023.

Aside from show business, the actress is also on her toes with her charity efforts. She is currently in the process of creating a dog charity in her hometown Miami Florida, called Luna’s Hands, the organization will help stray dogs find new homes along with crowdfunding. “The foundation is still in its beginning stages, so I’m excited and expecting for it to grow significantly in the next year or so”. “We are also planning on supporting other charities by crowdfunding for different causes”, Zoey shared.

Adding to her achievements, the brunette will now be launching her own fashion brand, Anymland. The exclusive swimwear and sundress collection delivers the message “Connect with Your Inner Child” and holds the same as its tagline. The brand also blends the hottest fashion trends along with its unique, fresh, newfangled touch.

Zoey also explained how women can get ultra creative and bring out their inner fashionistas with the designer collection. The brand recently shared a few sneak peeks of its collection and has received an overwhelming response from women asking about launch dates and pre-orders amongst Zoey’s followers and others. It seems like everyone is awaiting the most anticipated launch of the fashion brand just from the audience responses.

When asked about the idea and inspiration behind this project, the actress said, “I realized women don’t really get the opportunity to experiment something different with their bathing suits, so I wanted to bring something new to the table, something I myself as a woman could experiment and get creative with, something that would bring that fun, goofy, happy vibe; ultimately that’s what I think women look for when we put a bikini on, it’s a form of self expression, it’s all about having fun”. The overwhelming response from young women in addition to the actress’ comments seem to show that Anymland is an answer to the anticipation of all those women who cannot wait to witness and experience a new swimwear and sundress version that is completely unique, innovative, and evidently full of anticipation.

When asked about the USP of Anymland, the actress suggested the brand will prioritize one simple word: FUN. “Summer is about having fun, I mean, life itself is”, “That’s why we want to focus on that feeling you get when you go to the beach, when you travel, when you are not thinking about any responsibilities, when you get somewhere and the first thing you do is change into your beach clothes and feel free, I feel is somehow [like] taking you back to your childhood moments, and we want to harness that feeling to be able to connect with the simplicity of just having fun like a little kid”.

The young beauty also explained the intense creative processes associated with Anymland. From working with multiple designers to top industry professionals, the brand is a combined effort of talented individuals who know they will see Anymland making headlines in the coming year.

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