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S​hopping from the comfort of our own homes, next-day shipping, tailored picks delivered straight to your inbox, e-commerce has changed how we shop and the consumer market as a whole. With the explosion of Amazon and subsequently Jeff Bezo’s net worth, shopping has been revolutionized as we know it, and e-commerce has transformed consumer behavior in a significant way. E-commerce expert Zishan Manji is confident that there is still tremendous untapped potential in the market as these patterns are here to stay.

Z​ishan Manji started selling on Amazon at the young age of 13 and quickly amassed a fortune doing $7 million in sales. By expanding into eBay and Shopify, Zishan became one of the most sought-after e-commerce specialists in the business. “I chose this career because I believe the future is digital,” explains Zishan. “I am passionate about building companies online because consumer demand is driving it. Online is where they want to shop.”

While most people might think the market is saturated with conglomerate organizations offering everything from cat food to diamond rings, Zishan maintains that there is more than enough room for everyone on the internet. “Consumers have shifted their shopping online, but they are still searching for tailored experiences and unique products,” says Zishan. “That is something a smaller or boutique seller can offer and outsell their competition.” Zishan knows how critical it is to have an online presence.

2020 was an eye-opener for a lot of businesses as sudden and abrupt restrictions were put in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic,” explains Zishan. “This limited in-person business interactions and drove everyone online. If you haven’t gone digital, now is the time to do so.” The truth is if people weren’t shopping online before they are now, and once they have discovered that convenience, it is unlikely to go back. Zishan states, “the increase in online sales and traffic is going to be permanent.”

After building multiple income streams online, Zishan is hopeful for the future of online shopping and its untapped potential as people search for more convenient and safe ways to shop. “It’s about accessibility,” states Zishan. “E-commerce makes your products accessible to audiences around the world, and that is how you scale.” By taking advantage of these trends, companies can leverage e-commerce to meet their goals as restrictions lift and the market rebounds.


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