Zevi G is a contemporary artist that is best known for his larger-than-life sculptures that are part of his imaginary 456 Land. Behind each of his characters lies a deeper philosophical meaning, an overarching theme or concept that creates conversation and intrigue among people from all aspects of life. Zevi wants his art to bring people closer together, sparking deep thinking dialogue that not only brings people together, but also makes them question many aspects of life.

Zevi’s recent creation is a six-foot bronze sculpture of a character holding a camera with the intention of taking a picture, named “The Photographer”  The symbolism behind this character is the importance of capturing moments of life, such beautiful and timeless moments that will be etched forever in our hearts through, the use of photography. Zevi wants to show that life is beautiful, capturing such moments will be a reminder of great times shared with loved ones, as well as the places we, go and the people we meet, that are truly the source of eternal bliss. The bronze sculpture signifies how the advent of technology through the use of a camera can capture and preserve fleeting moments forever, moments people can always look back on and smile when they need a source of happiness. Zevi finished this intriguing sculpture during the pandemic, it took two years of dedication for the artist to complete this 400-pound sculpture. Although Zevi has no final plans for this piece, it will be added to his incredible collection of pieces in his 456 Land.
Zevi is keen on creating large-scale pieces because such hand-crafted pieces with the use of metal, concrete, or bronze have roots and a presence that will be everlasting. The creation of this bronze sculpture is very time consuming and requires immense resources, as the process requires a raw prototype followed by a lengthy process to create an immaculate finish. After that, the piece goes into the wax mold casting process- each piece is intended to be seen in public spaces or large private venues, in order to reach an even wider audience.

Zevi is continuing to focus his resources and efforts to make more inspiring and thought-provoking sculptures, ultimately having the effect of people together when viewing his art. As the famous saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

LA Weekly