We are living through an extraordinary period in history: one marked by the omnipresent impact of digital technologies. The public sphere has changed more drastically after the year 2000 than in the previous two centuries. As traditional media conglomerates gradually backslided due to the emergence of new players, the focus began to shift to the users’ engagement with media services. And nowhere have the effects been felt as evidently as with the modern media giants like Youtube.

With YouTube paying out more than 30 billion dollars to content creators over the last three years, it is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing investments as well. And no, we’re not talking about YouTube’s stocks here.

A new company has found a way for retail investors to start seeing skyrocketing profits without ever showing their faces on camera or without editing a single video. This is done by utilizing a process called YouTube Automation.

Previously, this was an investment only available to the wealthiest. However, with the #1 YouTube Automation service in the world offered by YTA’s public company, everyday investors finally have access to one of the greatest investment opportunities of our era.

YTA: The Democratization of Platform Economy

The only way towards democratizing the platform economy nowadays is shifting the power in the hands of consumers. People have to take matters into their own hands. Companies like YTA are designed not only to provide high-quality service but also to create a shared space where everyone shall have a chance to prosper and where everyone will be treated equally. As ambitious as this might sound, YTA is setting the bar very high with its human-centered approach.

With YTA’s half-a-decade-long track record of consistently overdelivering for their clients and partners, while producing some of the highest quality investment channels on the market, investors are lining up fast to take advantage of their services.

YTA’s clients and partners currently earn well over $1,000,000 per month (not including many of their biggest and private clients who are not at liberty to disclose their numbers).

YTA guarantees instant monetization for their clients who start making money on their very first video. The company has over 125 clients, and the number keeps going up.

It is truly one of the most impressive operations ever seen. The company has a 140+ person team that generates over 500-700 videos every single day. YTA is on track to becoming the largest content creators on YouTube.

But it’s not just the results that make this company stand out. What makes them different is their obsession with optimizing the company’s services to meet their clients’ needs. YTA’s owners, Caleb Maddix and Ryan O’Donnell are helping their investors make money, but their passion for customer-oriented business goes well beyond that.

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