YouTube Sensation Chris M. Christian AKA SmokeScreen Is Making His Mark in Content Creation

The content creation world is a fast-paced space with new and diverse trends every day. It’s a dynamic industry that has significantly impacted the marketing world, helping entrepreneurs, brands, and corporations drive traffic toward their products or services. This has profoundly revolutionized modern marketing and entertainment industries for the better.

But far from what a majority see or believe, a lot goes on in the background. Content creators need to carefully examine the target audience, topic, and the best strategies to present the message while also delivering entertainment value. These countless factors make content creation a technical space that demands skill.

Chris Christian, widely known as SmokeScreen, is a talented and experienced content creator making a mark in the industry. A multi-talented individual, SmokeScreen shares vast expertise as an influencer, entertainment personality, and streamer. His passion and dedication for the craft have seen him grow as a content creator, becoming verified on Google. Chris Christian is also the founder of the first YouTube post-show live stream, a show where he has hosted and interviewed other notable personalities, including some cast from the series, Game of Thrones.

Born in a small town in North Carolina, SmokeScreen grew up with an undying desire and passion for creating. From a young age, he scribbled down fictional tales, drawing inspiration from some of the movies he grew up watching. And though his parents expected him to pursue a traditional way of life and possibly end up in a 9-5 job, SmokeScreen was confident that he was meant to do something different. His dream was to create films, a dream that though he lived to fulfill, was a journey through numerous hurdles.

A passionate and goal-driven individual, Chris Christian never gave up on his dream. He continued working hard, and though he eventually landed in the computer technology world, he risked it all by choosing to pursue his creative side.

“I left a lucrative position in the IT industry (Microsoft) to become a content creator and started a business/community centering on entertainment media,” says SmokeScreen.

According to SmokeScreen, the idea was to grow his then-young YouTube channel by creating a ‘digital water cooler’ to discuss some properties that bring people together regardless of background. “I have always referred to it as my digital campfire, as that’s the feeling I wanted to project, just friends sitting around a campfire having a good conversation,” adds SmokeScreen.

Since then, SmokeScreen has grown to build from scratch a community of over 100K followers on social media. He also takes pride in producing over 1000 episodes and live streams that have so far gained over 23 million views. SmokeScreen has also co-authored a non-fiction book, The Thrones Effect, How HBO’s Game of Thrones Conquered Pop Culture, and now has published his debut medieval fantasy novel, The Crimson Gods. The book launch was a success as it became a #1 new release and remains a best-seller.

Smokescreen’s success has seen him grace multiple stages as a guest speaker, including being a panelist at fan conventions and Con of Thrones from 2017-2020. He also partnered with his friend to establish The SmokeScreen Podcast, where they discuss true crime, pop-culture, along with history and mystery.

SmokeScreen’s mission is to continue covering pop culture on YouTube and on track to gain over 100k subscribers. He also wants to write a non-fiction book on the dark side of social media, covering the mental health aspect. But in the meantime, his focus and attention are on his second fantasy book, in which he promises to transform the space. In the meantime, you can join him live on Sunday nights, where he will continue his after show where he will cover HBO’s upcoming, House of The Dragon.

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