Young Entrepreneur, Steven Judd, Is Building a Sneaker Wholesale Company with a Bright Future

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Becoming an entrepreneur has been glorified in the modern day and age. People dream of becoming business owners and their own bosses one day. But not many are able to live this dream as it requires sheer resilience, hard work, and persistence. On the other hand, Steven Judd has proven to be a successful entrepreneur.

Steven is the founder and owner of Judd Supplies Inc. Moreover, he also has partial ownership of Bozo Chat LLC. Steven had one simple objective in mind since his teenage years: he wanted to establish himself as a sneaker reseller who could build a profitable business.

Today, Steven is a sneaker wholesaler known for providing a varied range of branded sneakers on the market. From brand new sneakers like Dunks, Jordans and Mids, Steven’s company offers it all. Steven has been a sneakerhead since his teenage years, and he would watch videos on upcoming shoe releases on YouTube.

Steven’s interest in the market helped him build contacts, and his connection and network grew in no time. He was able to purchase sneakers in large quantities and unreleased shoes months before release dates. This was not easy to achieve as many in the market didn’t trust him initially due to his young age.

Reselling shoes and enjoying the process became an important part of Steven’s life and, eventually, his career. He kept his business going while attending high school. These initial years helped him build a strong reputation for himself in the market and gain real-life experience in dealing with people and closing deals involving anywhere from 1-500+ shoes at a time.

Eventually, Steven also became a partner in a Discord group called Bozo Chat, which he built with his friends. Users have the option to pay a monthly subscription and become permanent members. He and his friends provide professional tips and tricks on how people can scale their reselling and build profitable businesses.

Bozo Chat is currently welcoming and supporting anyone who wishes to learn how to re-sell any product on the market. Members use the group for different reasons, such as networking, hiring people, selling software, using it to market a new business, and a lot more. Over time, it has become a fruitful platform for not only Steven and his friends but every member.

To create a six-figure revenue-generating business, you need to strategize and stick to a concrete business plan. Steven passionately invested in his and remained honest about his products to his customers. He advises other entrepreneurs to do the same if they’re looking to build integrity and remain part of the industry in the long run.

Steven faced many challenges as a young entrepreneur. Applying for multiple credit cards to make purchases was difficult, but to keep his business functioning, Steven required a strong inventory. He overcame this hurdle by networking with fellow business owners at sneaker events and learning the art of managing his finances.

Learning finances and gaining the experience to handle them is a lifelong journey, but Steven has been a quick learner, and this has helped him grow his business and his career simultaneously.

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