Young Entrepreneur Joel Li’s Intentions to Transform the EV Space

The EV space has undergone significant changes in the last few years as the demand for electric cars continues to grow. We have seen more players join the field, each with a different approach. More electric car models are also available, with each model ushering a better experience. However, the changes in the EV industry are far from over, especially with people like Joel Li stepping into the space.

Joel Li is a young entrepreneur and investor with a keen interest in the automotive industry. He has been in the space for some time and founded and invested in multiple companies. Joel Li is the brain behind, a next-generation marketplace for electric vehicles. is a marketplace specially designed for the EV industry and connects buyers, sellers, and EV enthusiasts to the information they need to make the best decisions. The platform has leveraged the latest technology, tailor-made for electric vehicles, to remove some of the barriers in the industry, create more opportunities and build a better EV space.

According to Joel, their goal is to accelerate the transmission towards ZERO emission mobility. To achieve this, Joel and his team are building environmentally sustainable technologies. They share the latest information about the EV space to interested parties through their marketplace and shine more light on the benefits of EV cars as they connect buyers to sellers.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human health and existence, and unless taken care of, there will be more significant effects. For instance, more frequent and intense droughts, wildfires, and even storms have occurred in the last few years. To limit these effects, Joel Li believes that the world should start by adopting a more eco-friendly mode of transport.

He explains that the transport industry is one of the most carbon-intensive sectors and a significant contributor to climate change. Most cars, boats, and airplanes use oil as their primary energy source, and the aftermath is a lot of CO2 emissions, depleting the ozone layer. By the end of the year, there is a lot of harm, and with more people owning cars, more CO2 is released.

Joel Li is working to provide a much better solution that will help the world limit the effects of climate change. His marketplace,, provides the public with better access to EV cars and accelerates the transition towards zero-emission cars, airplanes, and boats.

Joel Li’s incredible work in the EV space has not gone unnoticed, as he has received several trophies. Joel Li was among the recipients of the HuRun Report under 30s award (2021). He was also named one of the top 60 outstanding Chinese in North America by Forbes China. However, his journey in the EV space is far from over.

Joel Li’s dream is to make planet earth carbon neutral again. He has taken the first step through and is simplifying how buyers, sellers, and EV enthusiasts connect. Joel is following in the footsteps of his role model, Elon Musk, transforming the EV space one project at a time!

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