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If you’re in the Los Angeles entrepreneurial world, you may have heard of 23-year-old Gabe Adzich. If not, he is a young entrepreneur who has quickly made his mark. Within the span of a few short years, Gabe has founded two startups, invested in multiple early-stage ventures and has gotten involved in sizable real estate developments. His startups include KAFF Coffee and PRISM XR.

Shining the spotlight on the latter, PRISM XR is a mixed-media company and a digital marketing agency. PRISM focuses on being an interactive content engine for brands and agencies. It basically creates “extended reality” frameworks that can be deployed rapidly. As a digital marketing agency, it excels in scaling and world class experiences.

To understand what PRISM XR does, let’s breakdown what XR, AR, and VR mean.

XR is short for “extended reality” and refers to all real-and-virtual combined environments. The “X” represents a variable for any current or future spatial computing technologies. XR is not bound by any specific kind of environment, be it physical or digital. It is actually a blend of both in one.

AR stands for “augmented reality” where content overlays a user’s real-world view. This emerging technology lets people add digital assets to their physical environment. A simple example of this would be a real-time facial Snapchat filter.

VR is what techies call “virtual reality.” Basically, computer technology is used to create simulated environments. VR immerses a user into an experience rather than having them look at a screen in front of them. A user becomes completely immersed within a virtual environment using a VR headset.

The digital projects PRISM XR helps companies with include creating digital assets, developing virtual worlds, designing portals into new environments, making branded face filters, coding games, and much more. With XR, the possibilities are literally (and virtually) endless.

While XR and Gabe’s startups are still evolving, there are already several companies in a number of niches that are getting in on the XR trend, including food & beverage, tech, entertainment, retail, clothing, and health, to name a few. Gabe believes that AR, VR, and XR are still in their launch phases. As emerging technologies, their upward trajectory is extremely promising, as more businesses and people start to understand the landscape of possibilities.

Gabe has already worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies that see benefit from extended reality. XR is a leading-edge technology with tremendous potential heading into the next decade of innovation.

To learn more information on Gabe Adzich and his entrepreneurial ventures, you can head over to his website.


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