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Starting a business isn’t always easy. In fact, most of the time it can be very challenging. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and motivation to establish something long-lasting and successful. Entrepreneur and viral influencer Alex Smetana is someone who is deeply committed to being the best at his craft, which is why he has recently established a social media marketing agency. While he has developed a massive network on Instagram of 14 million followers, Alex had his fair share of challenges. He recently opened up about the challenges of starting a business.

For Alex, perhaps the biggest challenge was his own self. That is, being his own boss. As his own boss, he is no longer able to rely on a paycheck or income from a job he would have while working for someone else. He needs to make ends meet and keep going no matter what because his very livelihood depends on it.

Alex also needs to stay on top of the latest trends and algorithm changes occurring within the world of social media. Trends come and go, and what went viral one day won’t necessarily go viral the next. Also, social media platforms are regularly updating their algorithms, fine-tuning how they decide to share content and who to share it with. Keeping up with all of these can be time-consuming and tedious. However, Alex is passionate about growth hacking and helping businesses and brands

As Alex’s business grows, he learns how to best address the challenges he faces and overcome them more easily. The advice Alex has for others who want to get into something similar to what he does, including being a social media influencer and be the head of your own social media marketing agency, is to be very deliberate. This means you should really understand the niche you are looking to focus your efforts on.

When you stay vigilant within the specific niche you have decided to focus on, you will understand how to best operate within the space and take advantage of the best opportunities. Also, Alex recommends picking the right products and services, making the right offers, and thinking about the needs and wants of your audience and clients. This is what Alex has done, and the results have been quite impressive.

Today, Alex provides a variety of digital marketing services to his clients, ensuring they are able to enjoy viral growth on platforms like Instagram. Alex has been successfully helping businesses and brands expand their reach and monetize their social media pages. He teaches his clients how they can successfully convert their social media followers into leads and sales.

If you want to keep up with the latest from Alex, or learn more about how you can create a massive Instagram network like he did, then you can go ahead and follow Alex on Instagram @alex.smetana and Twitter @56WzY.

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