Practicing good dental health is not only crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth, but it also improves your general appearance and quality of life. Dr. Christopher Butler is changing lives through mobile dentistry by helping people remain true to their teeth and embrace healthy smiles.

Dr. Butler is a celebrated dentist and part of Kare Mobile and Consulting, a mobile dentistry clinic that provides comprehensive dental services to its patients. Born in Plaquemine, a small rural area in LA, Dr. Butler has defied all odds to pursue his passion and make his dreams a reality. Growing up, his first dream was to become a pilot, which he did. At age 17, he earned his pilot license and would occasionally fly during his spare time.

Dr. Butler does not let limits define him; where people see limits, he turns them into opportunities. Even though he had a dream to become a pilot, he was always passionate about dentistry. He recalls how his visits to the pediatric dentist seemed fun and exciting and how enjoyable the dentist made it seem. This motivated him to become a pediatric dentist and promote oral health to his community and across the globe.

In addition, he works with Dr. Watson who is the first-ever president of American Mobile & Teledentistry Alliance (AMTA). As the president of AMTA, he strives to increase awareness of both the alliance and dental health while still advancing legislative policy on mobile dentistry.

According to Dr. Butler, about 42% of Americans do not visit the dentist as regularly as recommended for various reasons. Kare Mobile aims to improve access to oral health care to people from all walks of life.

Knowledge is power, and education is a never-ending process. Dr. Butler remains determined to expound on his knowledge. He says that to solve and analyze situations to perfection, you should be aware of all possible outcomes. Even with a B.S in Biological Sciences and a Masters in Health Science & Doctor of Dental Surgery from Meharry Medical College, Dr. Butler is currently studying at the University of Louisville Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Butler is using his education to change the world. Many people still lack awareness of the importance of regular visits to the dentist. Dr. Butler is working towards changing all that by ensuring access to dental health care wherever you are. His goal is to share a more relatable and approachable take on dentistry by educating people on the importance of good dental hygiene and changing how people perceive dentistry.

In a world where most people, especially the young generation, believe the only way to succeed in life is either through sports or entertainment. Dr. Butler is proof that education and hard work pays off. He is not only a renowned dentist but also a pilot, real estate investor, and successful entrepreneur.

His advice to young people is to follow their passion and be resilient and determined in whatever they pursue. He notes you will encounter challenges along the way but do not let them stop you from living your dream.

With a determined heart and a driven spirit of a man on a mission, Dr. Butler continues to impact lives by creating beautiful smiles.

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