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Youmna Khoury’s success story starts with a dream – The dream to start her own business. She overcame all challenges that were thrown her way and turned the negatives into positives. Youmna’s dream took root in solid ground when she started her own salon in Lebanon, and eventually blossomed into a thriving business and online store. Little did she know how successful this venture would be. As a young girl, Youmna poured her heart and soul out to something she loved and was proud of, and created it into something that is loved by people all around the world.

Her online store is called Youmi online shop and their website is Youmionlineshop.com. As someone who ran a salon business, Youmna has always been fascinated by all things fashion and beauty. Therefore, her online store is also related to fashion and beauty. She sells the top quality false lashes, hair extensions and contact lenses to make her clients feel beautiful and great about themselves. Her products are made from the best materials, thus, not sparing on quality for even one bit. Through her online store, Youmi, she helps her clients in keeping up with the newest trends in the fashion industry.

Youmna is not someone who was born with all the luxuries in life. She was just an ordinary girl with a big dream and worked hard towards that dream and achieving her goals. Her hard work and her attitude to never give up have been two major elements and the driving force behind her success. The competitive market does not make it an easy job for new businesses to thrive. However, Youmna was persistent and made sure to fulfill her dreams. Thus, not only her online business gained success, she also garnered immense popularity on Instagram. With 574k followers, she is quite a successful instagram model.

Youmna’s tireless hard work has paid off as is seen by the millions of happy customers she has around the world. She produces nothing less than absolute perfection for women across the globe. In addition to this, her Instagram page also acts as a major style inspiration for all the fashion forward ladies out there. The sophisticated and jaw dropping outfits and style is something that a lot of women take inspiration from. Thus, Youmna’s success story is not only her own. She shares it with the countless young women who have a dream and an ambition. Through her success story, Youmna gives hope to all the other girls that anything is possible and you can achieve your dream if you work hard and put your mind to it.

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