And by “listen,” I mean “look” or “read.”

LA Weekly's political cartoonist and equal opportunity offense machine Mr. Fish was listed by Best Life magazine as #1 in a list of “the 10 most important voices to listen to this election cycle.

Here's some of the nice stuff they said:

1 Mr. Fish Political cartooning hasn’t evolved much since the days of Ben Franklin, but the art form may have found a new voice that can help bring back the edge: LA Weekly’s Mr. Fish, a.k.a. Dwayne Booth. The Harper’s and MSNBC contributor skewers politicos from the right and left (in particular, Hillary and W) in hyper-realistic pencil drawings and collages. It’s not for the squeamish, but Mr. Fish’s angry diatribes mirror the disgust many voters feel at various times… or all the time. Besides, has your local paper ever published a cartoon of two turds debating?

Well, our paper has, thanks to Mr. Fish. Here's a batch of Mr. Fish's recent primary cartoons and illustrations done for our election issue earlier this month.

Also, catch new cartoons throughout the week at Mr. Fish's blog, Catch of the Day:

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