Yoganandance, a musical that invites your soul to bloom

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Why this Musical?

With an incredible positive energy, and divine joy. This Spiritual Musical can help us, immediately, without any additional effort, to quiet our mind and bloom our soul.

More than ever, we need kindness, a calming and good energy.

What is the difference between a conference about Yogananda and a Musical?

I love Yogananda, but I am not a specialist of Yogananda. A Musical is not a conference, but a spiritual experience with music, acting, dance, to inspire your soul to bloom.

My wish for this Musical, is that it inspires people to find their divine joy and bloom their soul. After the musical they could be inspired to discover more about Yogananda, read one of my favorite books “Autobiography of a Yogi’’, or might want to go to his services, retreats in his centers.

Can you tell us, what inspires you about Yogananda?

His message is beyond any religion, culture, differences. More than ever, we need to develop his vision, and realize that being in conflict, or judgmental makes no sense. On top of that we lose time, in this already short life time. Yogananda, Saint Therese, Dalai-Lama, Gandhi, Jesus, etc., all the authentic spiritual leaders have the same message:  “Be kind, with each of you, and don’t judge anyone’’. Every person that we meet is our meditation teacher, through them we can learn to be more present, more intelligent, and more kind.

What is the story on Yoganandance Musical?

In this Musical, we discover the true story of a homeless person, who is rejected, and used to live in downtown L.A. Her faith for Yogananda, for God, day after day, is changing her life, she finds hope, confidence and resilience. Yogananda inspires us to never give up, and to pray in (to) God.

This musical is the metaphor, that inspires people to never give up, and develop an invincible faith, specially when our life is difficult. When we feel tired or fed up, we need positive messages, especially when we feel totally lost. If we have no energy to read a book, how can we come to see a spiritual Musical?!

Why a Spiritual Musical?

A Spiritual Musical is more than a story, but a profound experience that can help our soul bloom and discover a joy that we cannot express in words, it’s a divine joy.

This night will bring together different spiritual leaders that will lead meditations. Michael Beckwith, Sister Jenna, Yogi Cameron and Yogini Jaima, help us relax and calm our unstoppable train of thoughts , the one that imbalances our nervous system.

With the narration, you feel a profound emotion, you will cry, laugh, and so much more. This musical will inspire your soul to awaken.

With the music and dance, you can feel a divine Joy stronger than your human joy.

This musical is a full spiritual experience dedicated to God, through the metaphor of this successful homeless, inspired by Yogananda.

What is your favorite line, of this narration?

We progress only, when our life is difficult.

Who play the character of the homeless?

When I was writing, immediately, the spiritual leader and actress Temple Hayes came to me, so I wrote it for her. Also, during her life, she was rejected because since she was a child, she was very different, very mystic. She was in jail and experienced addictions. A friend of her  has offered the book of Yogananda, and day by day, she was rebuilding her life, and since many years, she became an international coach and spiritual leader. She is the metaphor of the narration of this musical. Her life is an example for each of us.

Can you describe the music style of this Musical?

Our world is like a village, where all the music and all the cultures are blended.

As Yogananda was embracing every culture and religions, I have composed and blended different influences: Indian Hip Hop, dance floor, symphonic orchestra, beat box, oriental and African groove, Native American chanting, and Sound Bath.

We have a fantastic band, with my favorite American musicians!!! Directed by Myron McKinley, music director of the Legendary Earth Wind and Fire. The spectacular drummer Stacey Lamont Sydnor, drummer of the Jacksons Five!!! He will make a crazy solo with the Indian Tabla Master Shri Hemant Ekotbe!!

About the dance, choreography?

We have an exceptional choreographer, dancer Sonya Om, she also blends a unique style with: Hip Hop, Afro Jazz, native American, classical, Yoga and Reiki. To see Sonya on stage is also a very profound spiritual experience.

What people will see when they come to Yoganandance, November 17, 2022 at Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles?

Yoganandance is a full-evening experience: Alx Uttermann will serve as Master of Ceremonies. There will be a pre-show Sound Bath Orchestra directed by Erika Segura beginning at 7:45pm. After an opening blessing by Sujon Datta (the grandnephew of Yogananda) and meditations led by Michael Beckwith (Agape International), Yogi Cameron, Yogini Jaima, and Venerable Lama Tashi Norbu from Tibet, the musical celebration will begin. Temple Hayes will narrate while Pascal performs the lead vocals. The all-star band features musical director Myron McKinley (Earth, Wind & Fire) on keyboards, Paul Pesco (Madonna, Hall and Oates) on the guitar and electric sitar, Shri Hemant Ekbote on tabla, and the rhythm section is comprised of drummer Stacey Lamont Sydnor and bassist Ian Martin. Sister Jenna will lead a closing meditation

Is there any surprise at the end of this Musical?

Yes, all the last part of the show, will be an Indian Hip Hop jam with the incredible musicians…while Lama Tashi will sing and paint live all at the same time!!! Lama Tashi is the only Tibetan Lama, who sings and paints in the same time! We will be performing again at Carnegie Hall together in 2024!!

I heard, you have a very special guest for Yoganandance?

Yes, Sujon Datta, the great grand Nephew of Yogananda will come specially to Los Angeles for this world Premiere. Sujon is like Yogananda, full of love, his message is very simple and profound. He embraces everyone, beyond any difference, in the same divine love, as his great grand uncle use to do. We need to be hand by hand, specially in our difficult time. The loving kindness of Sujon is pure, warm, everyone will feel moved by his soul. Sujon will bless the audience, and feat with me on a song “Everything can wait, except our search for God’’.

This Musical is filmed?

Yes, this musical will be filmed in multi cameras for a streaming next year, and the show will be on tour, in NYC and many more places.

What will happen after this Musical?

We are creating ‘’Yogandance, Immersive Meditation’’, adapted from the musical, it will be at a residence in Los Angeles, from November 20, in Art District at Art Beyond Survival.

Can you describe ‘’Yoganandance, immersive meditation’’?

You will enter an immersive calming world, projections above you, under you, everywhere around you, to calm your mind and to reboost your energy, adapted from Yoganandance Musical.

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