The fate of a business’s reputation rests firmly with its clients. Therefore, creating a strong and authentic bond with your clients is essential for any business to thrive. Anyone working within a client-facing role needs to prioritize the needs and expectations of the clients. This sentiment is shared by Yenny Hanley who has made a name within the world of real estate through the strength of her relationships with the clients whom she has helped to secure homes and property investments.

According to Yenny Hanley, your business, irrespective of the industry, depends on your clients. By building trust and strong relationships with your clients, you will be better able to understand their needs and ways of helping them. Yenny states that within the world of real estate, she finds transparency to be essential. Thus, she ensures that her clients fully understand the process that they are going through, which can often seem like a complicated one within the real estate market. Yenny believes that the strongest client relationships are built on trust and honesty, and therefore being your most authentic self with your clients is crucial. She also advises remembering that your client’s best interests are also yours. Your client wants to secure a good deal and you want your client to be satisfied, so you are both working toward the same goal.

Yenny Hanley first entered the real estate industry as a way to earn money to support her studies. However, not long after entering the industry, she discovered a genuine love for it and decided to fully commit to it. This commitment has made her an established and trusted voice both within the Miami real estate industry and beyond it.

In business, it’s easy to get caught up in overheads, revenue, and balance sheets but Yenny Hanley believes that your focus should always be on having your client’s best interests in mind.

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