Yada seems to have it all― a multi-million dollar brand, over a million followers, and a loving family.

Despite having what many dream of, Yada, the Minister of Holistic Health, never failed to look back.

Reminded of his humble beginnings, this self-made millionaire didn’t forget his main goal― helping others succeed and live healthy lives.

Since he was 15 years old, Yada has always been drawn to enhancing people’s lives. Before turning his passion into a business, Yada was traveling and studying different cultures all over the globe.

At the start, Yada was traveling because he wanted to know more about others. He wanted to see how people from different cultures live.

As he traveled more, Yada realized that he must be able to do something to help others.

“I remembered the time when my mother had many odd jobs to support me. One time, she got into construction but didn’t get her pay.”

Despite growing up in a broken home and being exposed to street violence, Yada persevered.

Of course, there were a lot of challenges. People lied to, gossiped about, and tried to bring Yada down. His critics said that he’d end up just like African American men who went to jail.

But Yada proved them wrong. Armed with his passion for helping people succeed and live healthy lives, Yada built The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation.

Despite what people did to bring him down, Yada did not hold a grudge against them. He instead said, “To everyone that has ever closed a door on me, gossiped about me, lied to me, and spread rumors about me, thank you and I love you.”

When asked why he felt this way, Yada responded that it’s because these people made him stronger and appreciate life more. Appreciation and forgiveness are things that Yada teaches his followers, and so, he practices them.

With over 1 million followers on Facebook and Instagram combined, Yada is certainly pursuing his main goal of helping others lead successful and healthy lives.

His speaking engagements in cities all over the US always sell out. On top of that, his books helped over 200,000 people change their lives for the better.

Currently, Yada is busy with a lot of ventures, including his new product called Apple of Eve. It’s a drink that sold out within 20 hours after its initial release. That alone shows how much Yada is loved by his followers.

Being a source of inspiration and motivation for his followers, Yada continuously achieves his main goal in life.

He remained true to his goal. He did everything to help his family. He did everything to help others. He even thanked those who tried to bring him down. For these very reasons, Yada surely deserves this success.

LA Weekly