David Ogilvy is considered an icon of advertising business’s golden age. He has been called the founding father of many advertising practices and strategies that are in use to this day when the world has progressed and changed at lightning speed. Advertising is at the heart of the business of influencing people. To sell products, weighty visibility has to be there. Still, the question ad men raise is – is any form and kind of visibility enough to guarantee a product’s commercial success? Shrewd business decisions by corporate executives sitting behind a mahogany desk in a high-rise office suite can take the odds of success only so far.

It is the job of advertising professionals to make markets, modify market dynamics, and religiously execute their responsibilities of telling people what they need and want. They can upsell a need to a want. This is interesting because this substance of the mind is unknown to people themselves. Ad-men, however, claim to know this, or they know the way to find it out. They should be believed because they do this for a living. They first create the need for something and then sell the ‘want’ to unsuspecting masses. The masses are innocently oblivious that cunning strategies have been employed to get into their pocketbooks.

Professionals of this industry are churning out mind-bending strategies in fashions so subtle that their subliminal influence on us in any given moment of the present time is nearly unnoticeable. Looking back, however, we are overcome with the realization that alterations to our behavior patterns took place, and that too in bizarre ways.

With that backdrop, it is natural to expect ad professionals as well-rounded, well-informed, and intelligently observant people, on top of the world’s current trends. Often, they are the trendsetters, but when they are not, they are privy to the secrets of tradecraft to capitalize on them. They have to be the men of good ideas.

Such professionals are worth listening to because they deal with the complexity, confusion, and stubbornness of the human mind to get what they want.

David Ogilvy’s take on the birth of ideas is too fascinating to ignore. He famously shared one of his many pearls of wisdom and said, “Big ideas come from the unconscious. This is true in art, in science, and advertising. But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant. Stuff your conscious mind with information, then unhook your rational thought process.” It is not difficult to assume that good and up-and-coming ideas are abundant, with billions of minds working around the clock. Thousands of these good ideas are then executed to form real-world products and services. The question then forces itself to the fore, why do a select few of them only obtain success?

Finance and technology have combined to give us many exciting products that are smartly used by people with sound levels of financial literacy to supplement their existing streams of income. A number of those products sprung out as the brainchild of budding entrepreneurs and institutions looking to grab their slice of a fresh pie that came into being as people embraced technological solutions to age-old problems. More research and development in the space of FINTECH continues, and new ideas are born from the minds of knowledgeable people who are propelling change in the world.

The dawn of a new era for retail investors heralded. Popular app-based platforms like Robinhood and plenty of names on the forex side of trading and investing can be found. This indicates there is a market demand for these products and perhaps a great product-market fit, but how does that carve the space for XTREND?

The presence of a unique idea is no longer the secret spice that ensures that the stew is an instant winner in a horde of hungry crowds. Today’s consumer markets are such that there could be multiple competing products, offering more or less the same levels of utility and functionality. In other words, they could be identical but still successful in gaining market ground. Without much debate, it could also be said that first-mover advantage is not the final verdict for the viability of a business. If a business springs up that promises a user experience that touches people’s hearts with its features, service, ease of access, or after-sales support, leaving the competition looking weak and playing second fiddle.

XTREND has stood out from the rest of the pack with its superior product proposition and a better user experience. In other words, from purely a user perspective, XTREND as a platform has more value to offer. New and ingenious solutions like introducing the ‘Social Trading’ feature, designed to assist seasoned and novice traders in understanding the market conditions and indicators. It also allowed viewing the trading signals of other more successful traders and planning one’s trade according to them. A subscription model is also there where subscribers are privileged to receive priority sales support. The subscribers can also redeem vouchers for their trades allowing them to trade virtually risk-free. If XTREND continues to bring improvements to its value proposition, it will continue to grow and be noticed by people who have not been able to break free of their tech-related skepticism.

The reason XTREND is ideally poised to break all shackles of skepticism from potential consumers is that it was launched in the market, after an extensive building process that took two whole years. The product is the result of the brilliance that occurs when smart and educated people, who graduated from top universities come together to put their collective wisdom to the test. They are regulated by the CySec authority of the European Union that has an unblemished track record. The founders have released XTrend versions for people speaking several more languages, including English, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Czech, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish, underscoring the high emphasis the leaders at XTREND have placed on market penetration.

At present, the Forex market is the largest and most liquid market globally, and an approximate figure of 9 million people is believed to be actively involved in trading.

The company has shown awareness to the reservations people have when they are starting out in forex trading. To assist all users, to a smooth and comfortable start, a deposit amounting to 50 US Dollars is made by the company. Furthermore, the company is also offering a generous ‘Test our app coupon’ that is worth 200 US Dollars.

After the success of its primary application XTREND, the XTREND Speed was launched in 2020 as a sister app. The launch of an affiliated product is a testament to the fact that the company saw excellent success with its first offering. In January 2021, XTREND Speed rolled out a desktop version. Making good on its promise of assisting new traders to start, XTREND Speed offers a 5 US Dollar starting deposit.  With the launch of the second app, the presence of the company has successfully been spread to 140 countries around the globe, and the counter has not stopped here.

The company’s efforts to build an inclusive forex trading platform, providing people some degree of a financial safety net to start without exaggerated worries, were rewarded. Winning the AtoZ Markets Forex Awards in 2020 and the ‘Best Mobile Broker of the Year’ was an important milestone for the company, alongside the startling figure of their userbase reaching over 150,000,000 users in November 2020. Because of these consecutive achievements XTrend Speed was named “Fastest growing online forex broker, Asia” by Global Brands magazine.

The difference between XTREND and XTREND Speed is that of options. Both the applications offer nano-trading services and user-friendly market access to CFDs’ investment in Forex, precious metals like Gold and Silver, cryptocurrencies, and other commodities. A wider range of options are available now, as the company has added CFDs on WTI/US OIL at the start of 2020, CFDs on Indices in Quarter Four of 2020, and further expanded by adding stock trading in May of 2021.

Upon running a quick search for XTREND, thextrend.com the first search result will be the official company website, and the words that will grab your attention are ‘the client comes first.’ That is the motto of the company, and they have unmistakably delivered on their promise. With a hyper-focus on the sort of customer experience and client convenience that is being offered by them, they are bound to surpass their current user base figures by a substantial margin.

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