Woxer Defies the Feminine Aesthetic in Intimate Apparel

Alexandra Fuente birthed the idea of Woxer, an intimate apparel company, for people with a female body type but without pushing a feminine aesthetic. It provides an alternative and neutral choice to all women, regardless of gender. Alexandra was initially inspired to create her line by a lack of available options that catered to her style. She didn’t want feminine lines and tailored pieces that would showcase her figure. Comfortable, affordable, and available options were scarce, so she decided to fill the void and create what she was searching for.

After the launch of Woxer, the team quickly began to realize the need for this type of support among the LGBTQ community. The feedback they began to receive from customers bolstered their drive to continue to fill the gap, providing intimate apparel that represents who they are as people rather than focusing on their gender identity.

The company wants to support all members of the LGBTQ community, providing options that are versatile and striving to be as inclusive as possible to represent women of all genders and identities. “A lot of our customers are going through top surgery, bottom surgery, are trans, or have a different type of body. They are requesting things and it’s opening our eyes about different designs and the different needs.”

An enjoyable aspect of Woxer is their desire to celebrate the skin you’re in, celebrating bodies of all types. They want to give people confidence to be themselves, outside of the constraints of societal expectations and seek to defy stereotypes, encouraging all women to be boldly authentic to who they are.

Woxer’s intimate apparel goes so much deeper than clothes or fashion. It is a move of solidarity, to stand strong and be confident, authentically and unapologetically representing the underrepresented in intimate apparel. Their following and supporters continue to grow as more people in the LGBTQ community come together to curate their own style.

LA Weekly