The cohort of internet is bustling with the news of the now glorious ‘Clubhouse Couple’ getting married virtually via the audio social media app. This is a one of its kind deviant arrangement which has caused much pandemonium amongst netizens who are waiting with baited breath for the D-day. This can be termed as one of the first weddings in the history of the digital world which will take place via an audio app and is surely going to grab a million eyeballs for its uniqueness. We spoke to the couple on their pioneering plan and what made them choose this app to start their marital life when people around are planning destination weddings. The Clubhouse bride Natasha informs us, “I heard my beau’s voice for the first time on Clubhouse and the moment I heard him it was decided that he’s the man I want to spend my whole life with. In a way you can say that Clubhouse played cupid in our love story, the reason it holds a special place in our hearts.”

It was this social media app that took them to the altar and gratuitous to say became the couple’s wedding destination. We ask Michael as to how this relationship evolved which finally made them decide that they are the ones holding each others hearts keys. “We shared a professional relationship initially as we were working on a project which involved my company ‘Mindful Media’ and Natashas personal brand. One thing led to another, and before we knew, we had fallen for each other,” says Michael with a smile on his face. Their courtship days were filled with romantic candle light dinners, movie dates, coffee shop rendezvous and many more exciting things. The couple were even featured in Global Women Magazine, Globe Men Magazine, and London Business Magazine with the tagline ‘The Couple Of Clubhouse’. They had become an prompt vogue and were being recognized wherever they stepped out of their homes.

Now the couple are ready to take the eventual  plunge and exchange rings, albeit virtually on Clubhouse. They are all set to host a huge list of invitees via an private mastermind group called Manifest Your Lover” which will include guests like Ja Rule, and other VIP speakers like Jesse Itzler & Sara Blakely, Grant & Elena Cardone, and many more known personalities. This Clubhouse wedding is going to create history as such an event has never taken place ever, till date.

LA Weekly