World TradeX expands beyond agriculture


It seems World TradeX is keeping busy in the new year. We interviewed the founder in Washington D.C. this last December at the EXIM Bank annual conference. Coincidentally the U.S. African Leader Summit was happening in D.C. with President Biden. World TradeX founder and CEO Michael Thornton took the opportunity to have meetings with some of the African Leaders who eagerly expressed interest in not only agriculture but commodities such as wood, oil, precious stones, lithium and much more to be sold on the platform providing a global market exposure easily to be sourced by buyers everywhere.

A few weeks later in January on a follow up call to discuss our interview we discover the World TradeX founder and CEO in the Muzo region of Colombia adventuring with one of the oldest and most renown emerald mine families in Colombia. Our telephone interview revealed Colombia will be joining Africa and using the World TradeX platform for more than just agriculture. Colombia is abundant with some of the worlds best coffee, fruits, and flowers anywhere in the world but also known for sought after emeralds and other natural commodities.

The big question is when will the system be live and the app available for all to download. We asked direct and were told only registration is being taken via the website for buyers and sellers. The anticipated spring launch for the beta test is still on track for select California regions. Shortly thereafter the platform will be launching version 1.0 for both Apple and Android devices.

Interestingly enough the U.S. agriculture and protein commodities are over four hundred fifty billion dollars ($450,000,000,000) which alone would make World TradeX bigger than Amazon. Considering the global agriculture market valued at over five trillion dollars and now add all the natural resource commodities value … well let’s just say we will be keeping up with World TradeX with Esther anticipation.

World TradeX has shown it is truly moving outside of just helping farmers but also growers, miners, and producers of all commodities globally.

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