Within a World of Creativity, Innovation, and Potential: Lisa Marie Benson, Vice President of IMG Models

Within the production and creation aspects of the fashion industry, there lies the roles of those who work behind the camera and in front of the camera. However, as technology advances in the form of digitalization and social media, that line is slowly becoming blurred. Lisa Marie Benson is someone who has witnessed and moved through these transitions throughout her 19 years working at IMG Models Worldwide, one of the largest modeling agencies in the world. Currently she works as the Vice President of the company, where her professional growth worked in tandem with the modeling industry’s growth.

More specifically, the modeling industry has always been avital ingredient in fashion, as models allow for that bridge between the art of fashion and the human body. However, the blurring of the lines between those that lie behind the camera and those that lie in front of it is grounded in the increased personalization of that bridge. Models now have a voice in the image they want to portray of themselves through the many media outlets that are available now, and therefore, Benson’s role only increases in importance and adaptability. Within her work, she has to consider the multiple factors involved in her clients and the models to make decisions in an ever-changing environment, as technology, innovation, and creativity feed into each other to form something greater.

Her job at IMG began a little after she finished her degree in business at Penn State, where through a family friend, she was able to start as a receptionist at the company. However, her growth within the company was by no means easy, as she expresses the importance of failure within her success, which was a key factor in making her stronger. Along with that strength, she takes on her job with well-curated, personable communication skills and great patience, as her clients and audiences come with variation and unpredictability. However, that unpredictability comes in an exciting, potential-induced way, where a shoot can end up on a Zero G plane where Benson, herself, had a ‘weightless’ experience along with the rest of the crew on the shoot.

The idea of growing potential among creatives and increasing innovation, accompanied with the worldwide reach of finding talent and new faces on the growing platforms of social media, is what keeps Benson on her toes and always ready for what – or who – is next.

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