With Trust in Digital Media Dwindling, Numbers Protocol Is Changing it Up

The days are gone when news was sent from a centralized location, controlled by one entity. What used to be mentioned via only one news outlet is now seen around the world in real-time through different digital channels. While that comes with many advantages, it has also attracted a plethora of cons. Digital content violations and increasing amounts of fake news and misinformation are some of the prevalent issues facing digital media today. With new developments in blockchain technology debuting every day, decentralization appears to be the future of content creation. Numbers Protocol is one brand exploring this new world.

Numbers Protocol is a decentralized photo network creating community, value, and trust in digital media. The brand believes in the power of transparency, accountability, choice, and values aimed at empowering content creators and maintaining the integrity of digital media. Founded in 2019, the brand leverages Web 3.0 developments to provide value to content creators and end-users. The brand offers a comprehensive solution to the core pillars of the problems within digital media, namely ownership, copyright, provenance, and ecosystem.

Authenticity is crucial to counter fake news and the widespread misinformation perpetrated through many channels. While that may not be possible for regular photos, capturing them and storing them on the blockchain ensures they are immutable and traceable. Numbers Protocol uses an innovative capture, seal, trace process to ensure they are verifiable. Content creators can use the Numbers Capture App,a blockchain camera, to take photos and automatically automatically generate integrity and blockchain records..

The photos, called Captures, are embedded with ownership, context, provenance, creator signature, and on-chain records. In other words, you can cross-check information about the ownership, creation certificate, and the history of the picture from the moment it was captured. With this technology, your trust is not in a person or a third party, and your digital evidence will remain on-chain for as long as the blockchain exists. Regardless of how many times the Captures are shared or downloaded, they keep their proof of ownership, making it difficult to fake.

Monetization of these digital assets is something else Numbers Protocol ensures the creator can do easily. Capture App allows a creator to access a network ecosystem where they can store, exchange, or publish digital assets. This gives them the freedom to choose what to share and how to share it. This network has other tools a creator can enjoy, such as the CaptureClub Marketplace, where they can tokenize their photos. They can then sell and stake their photos directly to their customers with no broker.

Developers and enterprises can use the Numbers Seal API to register their photos and access their Web 3.0 addresses and certificates. The certificates contain the content on-chain provenance used to determine their authenticity. Numbers Protocol has also introduced an NFT search engine to help creators and their audience. This is the first Web 3.0 NFT search engine created to help users verify the history of their NFTs and prevent potential fraud.

Ultimately, Numbers Protocol wants to give the power back to creators and reinstate the integrity of digital media. That way, creators will have the freedom to tell their stories and own their future.

LA Weekly