Winning Mindset and Millionaire Mentality: How JC White is Reshaping Fitness

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Many people look to get in shape for various reasons. Whether it be for aesthetic purposes or for a healthier lifestyle, the most critical piece to remember is the life transformation that comes along with it. Fitness coach JC White had a motivational journey with fitness. It transformed his life and now he is helping others become the best versions of themselves, as well.

The Foundation of T3 Body

JC is the founder and CEO of T3 Body Training. He embarked on his fitness journey following years of organized sports and competitive lifting, molding his company into a business and lifestyle. He goes beyond being a personal trainer and has become a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry. His motivational training, backed by science and mindset, has been featured in various outlets, like Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health.

T3 Body Training is more than just a workout and nutrition plan. JC’s main goal with his clients is to teach them the same mindset he learned even before beginning their training.

“Perseverance helps people get to their goals,” he said. “Keep failing and trying to achieve goals. We help clients build optimal mindsets and bodies. We want them to sustain the results over time.”

The Groundwork For Success

JC began his fitness journey to better his mental health after sleeping through college basketball tryouts. With the addition of various stressors from college, he turned to the gym to improve and strengthen his mindset. Over time, he became more comfortable in the gym as he realized it was a great place to continually work on himself.

“For me, the gym was a form of anxiety relief and something to help me push through whatever I was struggling with,” he stated.

Fitness gave JC a tangible way to become the best version of himself, the version of himself that he knew he could be. He fell in love with the structure and process of what his new routine gave him. That structure and discipline he received from working in the gym ultimately laid the groundwork to build the mindset and behaviors that led to his success.

In fact, at just 22 years old, he became one of the youngest members of the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (WBFF). Fitness amplified what was already great about JC, making him even better and helping him reach levels of success he wouldn’t have without it.

From his yearning to reach his full potential, he became an awarded bodybuilder. JC began to educate himself on the science behind exercise and how to incorporate his spiritual and mental mindset and made a life out of it.

Coaching with the Right Mindset

Entering a fitness journey can be a daunting task, but the outcome can be life-changing with the right coaches, like JC. He now uses his personal journey to motivate his clients and others as to how working out goes beyond physical goals. He founded T3 Body, a science-backed fitness coaching company, to teach his clients about the overall transformation that comes with building a fitness routine.

Utilizing several different reasons to get you to work out is important for long-term maintenance, JC believes. If he had not initially started to use the gym to better himself and strengthen his mindset, he might not have been able to convert fitness into an overall better lifestyle.

He uses science to create a completely personalized fitness program for his clients, similar to what he did when beginning his journey. JC wanted to understand how the biomechanics of his body worked and how he could see lasting results in something he enjoyed so much.

“It’s been a mindset journey rather than a physical journey. That’s why I got into coaching to help people find accountability and success,” said JC.

The former bodybuilder is teaching more than just losing weight and getting into the gym. T3 is all about making the good greater and helping winners win more. It’s about amplification and reaching your full potential through fitness.

His company has helped hundreds of clients become the best version of themselves. The right coaching can lead you to success, his personal story is a testament to the power of fitness.

About JC White

JC White is the Founder & CEO of T3 Body, an online, science-backed fitness coaching and consulting company to help entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves. The former professional bodybuilder is a two-time Powerlifting California State Championship participant, and award-winning Men’s Fitness cover athlete. For more information about how he helps clients develop tailored and personalized lifestyle programs, please visit

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