2020 has forced us into a lot of new hobbies. Personally, I’ve taken up gardening, macrame, and every show TLC has to offer. But out of all my new hobbies, one definite favorite has emerged: wine. 

Now when we say wine, we don’t mean just drinking it. We mean actually knowing it. Vintage, varietal, appellation – these are all impressive new words in our vocabulary thanks to a delicious education by Wonderful Wine Co

Created by Winc – a wine subscription service known for their curation skills – Wonderful Wine Co. is the perfect way to indulge and learn, all while remaining healthy. Known as “clean wine for better living,” Wonderful Wine Co. makes wines that are vegan, low carb, low sugar, paleo, keto, sulfate-free…you get the idea! 

Taking a modern approach to a timeless craft, Wonderful Wine Co. uses minimal-intervention winemaking methods and sustainable farming techniques to create amazing wines for their community of fellow wine-lovers. The best part? They do so while also preserving and protecting our vulnerable planet.

While this summer may be a weird one, we are still vibing with the season. Nothing pairs better with a summer sunset than Wonderful Wine Co.’s Summer Party Six Pack. This limited-edition party pack includes 6 chilled summer wines plus a custom 7-inch Vinyl Moon mixtape with “Songs for Sippin’.” They say it pairs perfectly with turning the volume up to 11, and we can confirm! 

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that everyday is a celebration and we all deserve to add some happiness and sunshine to our lives. Head on over to Wonderful Wine Co. today and gift yourself something delicious and educational. 

LA Weekly