Wilm Thoben Shows Us Culture Shock: The Intersection of Art vs. Technology

Wilm Thoben

Art and technology are becoming increasingly inseparable. Tech has brought new art forms like immersive digital art experiences to life, providing viewers with a real, tangible experience. With VR headsets and related technology like Google glass, artists can now experiment with virtual reality and produce and share immersive art experiences with everyone. Another great innovation is AI art. Artists are using AI algorithms and machine learning to explore human perceptions and expectations of art and creativity and build machines that emulate these processes.

Technology is also helping artists promote their work and connect with their audience through social media and other digital art platforms. But this is just the beginning. As these two industries evolve, Wilm Thoben is taking it a step further.

Wilm Thoben is leveraging technology to beautifully challenge art. He is working on the total intersection of art and technology, which will redefine these two industries and create more opportunities. His approach and experience in the industry give him the upper hand.

Wilm is an artist based in LA. He started in music and sound and later expanded to physical art, theater, installations, dance and designs, apps, and websites. Wilm’s practice spans creative technology, sound art, interactivity, experience design, and the web.

Wilm is also an academic. Before transitioning to art, he was an academic. He has taught in Berlin (TU/UDK) and UCLA for several years. Wilm came to the US in 2012 to work on his Ph.D. at the Getty Research Institute and was hosted by UCLA’s Design/Media Art department. The experience changed his view on art and technology. Wilm’s work focuses on the human relationship with contemporary technology.

Wilm worked on several projects, including Dark Game, Redaction, Death in Venice, White Light White Heat, Upstream, Two Legacies, and Footnotes from the History of Two Cultures. His work in the art industry has attracted massive attention and praise from the US and beyond. Wilm has received several awards, including a Webby Award Honoree 2020 for the Redaction project and Fast Company’s Innovation By Design Awards (2017).

He says his goal is to leverage technology and challenge people’s perceptions in the world of contemporary art. Wilm is working on a bridge that will connect the art and tech world in a unique way. He has collaborated with numerous international artists and collectives, from music, dance, and film to visual and interactive art.

“I don’t think creativity and technology contradict each other at all. In fact, I believe this is the key. Art and design often work under the constraint of medium and specific technologies. Creative Technology was born of the need to describe a generation of humans working within the highly interdisciplinary practice at the intersection of art, design, and technology, ” says Wilm.

As he continues to grow his brand, Wilm is also looking into responsible and sustainable technology. He hopes to make an impression on how people perceive the use of technology and reflect its impact on the world, whether in socioeconomics or regarding climate change and energy usage. Cloud computing alone accounts for 2-4% of the global total CO2 footprint. Crypto and NFTs also have a huge impact, and there’s a lot of opportunity to improve, especially in the arts and technology field, according to Wilm.

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