Will Landis, the Dark Horse Actor from Tennessee

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Will Landis recently appeared in the spotlight from his acting roles in many nationally televised shows & documentaries. Growing up in the small town of Johnson City, Tennessee, Will always dreamt of working in the film industry and appearing on the silver screen. He discovered his talent very young by the jaw dropping reactions of his friends & family when portraying characters. However, he felt discouraged from acting as his community seemed to favor more traditional career paths.  As a result, Will did not pursue acting for some time because he was convinced it wasn’t a possibility and basically told it was a long shot. This environment made it challenging for Will to take a first step toward acting. Without others interested or working in this industry, Will found himself starting from scratch, working independently without guidance or helpful advice on breaking into the industry.

Despite all the obstacles he faced, Will has played several significant roles in various tv series, movies & documentaries. Those roles include:  Homicide for the Holidays, Snapped, and Suburban Nightmare – the Menendez Brothers. Recently, he completed his most prominent role in the upcoming movie, Grounded. Additionally, many of these productions are currently available to stream on platforms such as HBO, Peacock, Tubi, and Discovery Plus.

Outside of acting, Will has created a mass following for his popularity as the lead videographer and one of the main personalities at SixPack Coverage, a multi-media brand focusing on sports, fitness, college, entertainment, etc.  Will exhibits his skills behind the camera to create  and edit short films and videos with Sixpack while working with many celebrities & influencers. Will has recently been traveling across the country on a college tour as the lead Videographer of the Sixpack National team. The Sixpack College tour involves visiting many universities throughout the country where Will has developed a large fan base through Sixpack.

At first glance, Will’s accomplishments seem no different than many others. However, the challenges previously mentioned, which are often overlooked, separate Will from others. Rather than taking roles periodically, Will’s love and desire for acting and cinema has led him to pursue full time. The pressure and expectation to pursue a corporate career and climb the ladder certainly helped fuel Will’s passion to become a successful actor. The lack of resources and connections not only forced Will to be hungry and aggressive, but inspired him to work harder. Will truly began stepping out of his comfort zone to convert his dream into a reality. He has always felt the desire to inspire others and make an impact in peoples lives around the world. Acting provides Will the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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