Will EA still be able to come out on top?

EA Sports is the arguable the most recognisable and the biggest sports producing gaming company in the world. However, they look like they could be about to be at a crossroads especially with the recent news that FIFA have taken their name off the popular soccer game leaving EA to go solo with the future games in the series.

So will EA still be able to dominate the market and be able to still convince fans that they are on the right track as a company?

Where are EA based?

EA are based in California and have their main office in Redwood City. With the main office there, the company still has 10 offices located throughout the US.

Electronic Arts was founded by Trip Hawkins but the current CEO Andrew Wilson. The company have continued, despite the cost of living soaring, to post billions of dollars’ worth of profit in 2020.

Best games produced by EA

EA is not just sports despite FIFA and Madden being their most popular. Battlefield, Apex Legends, The Sims, Need for Speed, Battlefront, Titanfall and Plants vs. Zombies have all been produced by EA and have been extremely popular with gamers.

Despite producing these games, EA does get a bad rap from YouTubers who seem to think it is easy to blame EA for things going wrong in the game (99% of the time it is their playing skill) and it leads them to make statements such as “I AM NEVER PLAYING THIS GAME AGAIN”. However, you can guarantee that there will be a new upload the next week from a game produced by EA.

Series that EA Sports produce

EA have their fingers in a lot of pies and they, alongside 2K, really do produce the best games when it comes to the sports genre. With the soccer series being one of the main ones in Europe, EA also produce Madden, NHL, UFC, F1, PGA Tour and soon to be released EA College Football.

The company also have some defunct gaming series now but at one time they dominated the market. EA used to have NBA Live, Cricket, FIFA manager, Rugby, MVP baseball and many street versions of sports.

However, one gaming series does stick out and fans are demanding a return for it.

Fight Night

Boxing is as big as it has ever been with massive title fights between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder dominating the news and getting people on newbettingoffers.co.uk to find the best bets throughout the fantastic trilogy series. However, boxing fans no longer have a viable game to play instead they have to play UFC if they wanted their fighting fix.

With EA pumping money into the UFC series, the sport of boxing has fallen by the wayside leaving many fans disappointed. As there has been forever, there has been talk of the series being brought back to life but strong rumours from the gaming world suggest a game could be on its way. However, UFC 5 is taking priority at the moment and is set to be released by the end of 2022.

With boxing promoter Eddie Hearn vocally behind the project, it could be a new game for EA to get their grips fully on the fighting market.

Will EA still be dominating?

They may have lost certain games series to other companies such as basketball but EA are still producing plenty of high quality games in the sports genre with people flooding back each year to purchase their game. The FIFA series, which will now be called EA Sports FC, sold over 9 million copies with its latest FIFA 22 installment. The same can be said for Madden as it continues to be the best selling franchise of all time.

When it comes to the FIFA series, EA still have a strong hold in the gaming series due to the fact that licensing deals remain in place with 19,000 players, 700 teams, and more than 30 leagues from all over the globe, including a deal with European football federation UEFA, meaning that the Champions League can still be included in the game. However, the World Cup will not be sharing the same platform as EA given that it is owned by FIFA.

Outside of sports, EA are still producing games in other genres. With games such as Battlefield and Apex Legends still capturing gamers hearts then EA do not have anything to worry about when it comes to still dominating the market.

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