Why You Should Wear the Saree’s from Urban Silks

If you are looking for silks to glow with, then Urban silks might be the shop to satisfy that urge. It is a brand that is fashion-forward, always keeping up with the trend. Urban Silks is a south asian ethnic clothing retailer based in Toronto, Canada, that sells Sarees, Salwar’s, Lengha’s, Kurtis and Ethnic men’s wear. Their clothing ranges from North Indian to South Indian styles. They have clients who are mainly of Indian, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi origin. They aim at desi fashion at affordable prices. Due to the pandemic affecting retail, they have launched www.urbansilks.com.

Urban Silks is a family business owned by Arjun Mano and his parents where Arjun heads marketing and eCommerce while his parents operate the retail. They find inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest and have leveraged Facebook to showcase their stock and communicate with consumers, to know what to purchase. Here is why you need to get the sarees and silks from their store.

  1. Fashion Forward

Urban Silks have had the challenge of keeping up with the latest trends in south asian fashion. It continues to change rapidly, and staying ahead of trends and tending to different customer needs has been demanding. However, due to their years of experience and their expert advisors in the fashion industry, they can keep up with the trends and anticipate changes in the south asian fashion industry. They take the fast-fashion approach similar to Zara, Shein, fashion nova, and bringing it to south asian fashion. They find inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest and take in customer suggestions to keep up with emerging trends.

  1. Market Leaders

The firm is in a highly competitive industry, with new competitors popping up every day. Still, their loyal clients continue to shop with them, and their growing clientele continues to grow daily. As a result, they are now one of the leaders in Toronto, having survived eight years in the competitive industry.

Again, they have over 13,000 likes on their Facebook page and over 2000 Instagram followers as of this writing. Their customers share Urban Silks’ page on their Facebook pages, contributing to Its growth. Arjun also interacts with consumers to know their needs which, again, they can satisfy. Customers like their products and services and have given them the support they need to stay on top of the competition.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

From the beginning, Urban Silks has always had its customers at heart. They would showcase their stock on their Facebook page to allow customers to view them from the comfort of their homes and choose products conveniently. They also interact with them, as they take suggestions to satisfy their clients’ needs. Their loyal and constantly growing clients justify their exceptional treatment. They try to stay on top of up-to-date products to meet their customers’ needs. Their actions speak a lot about how they value their clients.


Urban Silks is certainly your stop by; the shop to get the saree you desire. They have an online shop that operates out of Toronto to all over Canada and in the USA. They also look forward to expanding to the UK, Europe, and Australia.

You can check them out at www.urbansilks.com or on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok @urbansilks.

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