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Life is unexpected and one never knows when a regular trip to the store, a visit to the library, or drive to the beach is going to turn into a life-changing experience. It takes only seconds for a beautiful day to turn into a catastrophe due to an accident, a slip or fall, or other unforeseen injury or situation. Because these situations often happen with no warning people can find themselves thrust into an unknown legal world, and they may want or need a lawyer to help guide them through. The team at Case Barnett Law shares why an individual may want to consider hiring a lawyer when something like a car accident, slip and fall, dog bite, negligence abuse, and more happens.

Law is complicated and unpredictable – There are so many different laws and procedures out there that unless one is a lawyer themselves, it can be impossible to know how to properly handle something, or exactly what your rights and responsibilities are. Lawyers are experts in the law and spend every day navigating the complex systems of litigation, mediation, courts, insurance, and more. They also take care of things like paperwork, notifying other parties, and making sure things are being done in a fashion that will ensure the best outcome for clients. Even fifing one small thing wrong can set a case back or influence the outcome, and lawyers are there to make sure things get done the right way. This is especially true when the other party has a lawyer because they will have a distinct advantage over someone representing themselves.

Lawyers save money in the long run and increase the chances of winning – It is a misconception in the area of law that things can be cheaper without an attorney. While this may seem true at face value, with no retainers or lawyer’s fees, in most cases hiring a lawyer will actually save a client money. Lawyers are not inexpensive, and they will need to be paid for their time, however, lawyers have extensive knowledge, resources, networks, and experience that can help a client get a better outcome, and in many civil law situations, lawyers offer free consultations, and only get paid if their clients do, so the benefit from a lawyer far outweighs the minimal cost of a retainer.

Lawyers are your advocate– Lawyers are there to work for you and act as a support, and a resource to help you navigate a situation like a car accident or catastrophic injury and come out of it able to live the life they want to live, with the resources to do so.

Case and Nicole Barnett of Costa Mesa-based Case Barnett Law are a husband-and-wife team dedicated to helping others and lifting up their community. Case is the founder of the firm and a results-driven personal injury and trial attorney and Nicole is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, as well as an integrated healthcare practitioner.

Case Barnett Law is invested holistically, wanting to give their clients a better life moving forward. The firm works with many children who have suffered serious injury because of negligent actions and aims to be the firm that imparts a beneficial change in the community. They refer to it as “holistic lawyering” meaning they are looking at the whole picture, long term, not just the legal case or getting a big number. Through her integrated healthcare expertise, Nicole can provide holistic healing support material and guidance to clients, to help them feel better mentally and physically.

“This is about connecting with people and learning their stories, and then helping make a difference in the outcome of the case, and then help keep other people safe by highlighting safety issues, negligence, things like that. We try to make a bigger impact, and better the situation for everyone,” Case Barnett.

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