Why Word of Mouth Matters: A Case Study of Victorious PR’s Success

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A business can claim to be many things, but without the endorsement of clients to back it up, is it really worth much to a prospective customer? The irony of working in public relations is that they know how much word of mouth matters more than anyone, yet some agencies fail to put in the effort to request reviews from their happy customers.

Victorious PR prides itself on producing work that ensures they keep a good reputation. With ‘cancel culture’ commanding the digital space at every turn, what others say about you matters more than what you say about yourself, now more than ever.

Professionalism, quality, and attentiveness are the umbrella terms that include all aspects of a five-star company. Victorious PR excels in these, as its client testimonials continue to show. Success in business is not only about doing what you say you’re going to do but the details of how it gets done.

A Professional Demeanor

A professional company does what they say they’re going to do with their best foot forward, always. Victorious PR is cultivating a team of industry stars who love what they do and bring their A-game every single day.

From Public Relations Representatives (PR Reps) to Brand Strategists to Copywriters, each person has a specific role that is clearly defined. This distinctive delegation of tasks ensures each person on the team expertly takes care of their individual responsibilities.

David Koves, CEO of R2G Digital, an Ecommerce Performance Marketing Agency, gave Victorious PR five stars on Clutch. “Very professional, highly focused on the customer and their needs, deadlines were kept, change requests were taken care of quickly,” he said. “I loved how professional they were and loved how well oiled their communication/client management system was.”

Victorious PR not only strives to remain professional in-house and with direct clients, but with potential networking partners as well. The company uses these connections to better serve its clients. Bao Le, CEO of Baoss Digital, reported professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value in his five-star review, which demonstrates how Victorious PR helped him to meet the right people in his niche.

“As I’m sure most are aware, it’s not always necessarily what you know, but who you know. However, with Victorious PR, we’ve been able to take what we know, and expand ourselves into the space of ‘who you know,’ effectively leveraging our market expertise… becoming known through the very many publications [they’ve] gotten us in, as well as some big-name podcasts!”

Quality Deliverables

A company that produces quality work does what they say they’re going to do to a standard worth writing home about. Victorious PR has an exceptionally organized internal structure. The team uses internal systems and communication to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. All details are checked and approved by multiple sets of eyes, every step of the way. These checks and balances serve to produce quality work that yields measurable results.

“They have developed a very unique approach to PR,” said Koves. “We hired Victoria and her team to launch us in the world of PR. We set a goal to be published in over 12 mediums… Victoria and her team began to formulate our 12 step strategy that allowed us to see the entirety of the project as a whole. Not only did they overdeliver in service and preparation… we got published on Yahoo Finance as well as several other outlets including some regional channels/sites and FOX.”

Attention to Detail

An attentive team does what they say they’re going to do, with the utmost care for their clients’ wishes and specificities. Victorious PR has an ‘engagement policy’ – teammates are encouraged to work together, learn from, and help each other. Everyone matters and each person’s opinion matters. The company makes a point to create an open space for engagement, collaboration, and growth.

“We have gone through a rigorous onboarding process that included a couple of meetings solely dedicated to dig deep into my and the company’s mission, values, story and future aspirations,” Koves said.

Victorious PR is now a seven-figure, award-winning company and credits positive client feedback as one of its biggest champions. By making sure to treat their clients with respect and deliver great services worth talking about, Victorious PR continues to rise in the ranks of the public relations industry.

About Victorious PR:

Victorious PR is an award-winning full-service PR agency that helps impactful leaders and businesses be seen and heard to have a greater influence on the world. They have gotten their clients featured in top podcasts, tv, and stages, as well as featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Bloomberg to name a few. To book a call to become the #1 authority in your niche, click here: https://victoriouspr.com

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